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Exploring the spectroscopic properties of relic radiogalaxies 1-gen-2013 Capetti, ABaldi, RdButtiglione, SCelotti, AChiaberge, M. +
Exploring the thermal state of the low-density intergalactic medium at z= 3 with an ultrahigh signal-to-noise QSO spectrum 1-gen-2017 Viel, Matteo +
Exploring the thermodynamic limit of Hamiltonian models: Convergence to the Vlasov equation 1-gen-2007 Ruffo, S +
Exploring the Universe of Protein Structures beyond the Protein Data Bank 1-gen-2010 Laio, A. +
Exploring twisted mass lattice QCD with the Clover term 1-gen-2006 Martinelli, Guido +
Expression analysis of the long non-coding RNA antisense to Uchl1 (AS Uchl1) during dopaminergic cells' differentiation in vitro and in neurochemical models of Parkinson's disease 1-gen-2015 Zucchelli SGustincich, Stefano +
Expression and activity of pre-dianthin 30 and dianthin 30 1-gen-1993 Legname, Giuseppe +
Expression and dendritic mRNA localisation of GABAC receptor rho1 and rho2 subunits in developing rat brain and spinal cord 1-gen-2002 Nistri, Andrea +
Expression and function of calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) receptors in trigeminal ganglia of R192Q Cacna1a knock-in mice 1-gen-2016 Nistri, Andrea +
Expression in Escherichia coli, purification and functional activity of recombinant human chaperonin 10 1-gen-1995 Legname, Giuseppe +
Expression of circadian clock genes in retinal dopaminergic cells 1-gen-2007 Gustincich, Stefano +
Expression pattern of cSix3, a member of the Six/sine oculis family of transcription factors 1-gen-1998 Mallamaci, Antonio +
Expression pattern of perilipins in human brain during aging and in Alzheimer's disease 1-gen-2022 Legname, G.Vanni, S. +
Expression pattern of Stomatin-domain proteins in the peripheral olfactory system 1-gen-2022 Gonzalez-Velandia, K. Y.Menini, A. +
Extended affine Weyl groups and Frobenius manifolds 1-gen-1998 Dubrovin, Boris +
Extended dynamic Mott transition in the two-band Hubbard model out of equilibrium 1-gen-2013 Fabrizio, Michele +
Extended Gutzwiller wave function for the Hubbard-Holstein model 1-gen-2007 Capone, MassimoFabrizio, Michele +
Extended Hubbard Model: Charge ordering and Wigner-Mott transition 1-gen-2010 Amaricci, A. +
Extended inverse-Compton emission from distant, powerful radio galaxies 1-gen-2006 Celotti, A. +
Extended LCDM: generalized non-minimal coupling for dark matter fluids 1-gen-2011 Liberati, Stefano +
Mostrati risultati da 2.904 a 2.923 di 9.492
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