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Existence theorems for entire solutions of stationary Kirchhoff fractional p-Laplacian equations 1-gen-2016 Caponi, Maicol +
Existence, uniqueness and approximation of fixed points as a generic property 1-gen-1974 Vidossich, Giovanni
Exocytotic release of ATP from cultured astrocytes 1-gen-2007 Nistri, Andrea +
Exosomal cargo including microRNA regulates sensory neuron to macrophage communication after nerve trauma 1-gen-2017 Heppenstall, Paul +
Exotic gapless spectrum induced by frustration in quantum antiferromagnets 1-gen-2007 Becca, FSorella, S. +
Exotic s-wave superconductivity in alkali-doped fullerides 1-gen-2016 Capone, Massimo +
Expanded degenerations and pairs 1-gen-2013 Fantechi, Barbara +
An Expanded Two-Zn2+-Ion Motif Orchestrates Pre-mRNA Maturation in the 3′-End Processing Endonuclease Machinery 1-gen-2021 Magistrato, A. +
Expanding the field of the mechanisms behind the regulation of emotion. Answers|ESPANSIONI DEL CAMPO SULLA RICERCA DEI MECCANISMI DELLA REGOLAZIONE DELLE EMOZIONI. RISPOSTE 1-gen-2021 Grecucci A.Monachesi B. +
Expansion and Collapse in the Cosmic Web 1-gen-2005 Viel, Matteo +
Expectation propagation for continuous time stochastic processes 1-gen-2016 Sanguinetti, G. +
Expectation values in the Lieb-Liniger bose gas 1-gen-2009 Mussardo, GTrombettoni, A +
Experience-dependent coding of facial expression in superior temporal sulcus 1-gen-2007 Treves, A. +
Experience-dependent plasticity in adult rat barrel cortex 1-gen-1993 Diamond, M. E. +
Experience-dependent plasticity of rat barrel cortex: Redistribution of activity across barrel-columns 1-gen-2000 Mirabella, GiovanniErchova, IrinaDiamond, Mathew E. +
Experimental and modeling studies of desensitization of P2X3 receptors 1-gen-2006 Agrachev, AndreyNistri, Andrea +
Experimental and modeling studies of novel bursts induced by blocking na(+) pump and synaptic inhibition in the rat spinal cord 1-gen-2002 Rozzo, A.Ballerini, L.Nistri, A. +
Experimental and Theoretical surface core level shift study of the S-Rh (100) local environment 1-gen-2007 de Gironcoli, Stefano Maria +
Experimental evidence of analogue Hawking radiation from ultrashort laser pulse filaments 1-gen-2011 Rizzi, L. +
Experimental evidence of flutter and divergence instabilities induced by dry friction 1-gen-2011 Noselli, Giovanni +
Mostrati risultati da 2.931 a 2.950 di 9.746
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