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hp-adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods for non-stationary convection–diffusion problems 1-gen-2019 Cangiani A.Giani S. +
Hp-Version discontinuous galerkin methods on essentially arbitrarily-shaped elements 1-gen-2021 Cangiani A. +
Hp-Version discontinuous Galerkin methods on polygonal and polyhedral meshes 1-gen-2014 Cangiani A. +
Hp-version space-time discontinuous Galerkin methods for parabolic problems on prismatic meshes 1-gen-2017 Cangiani A.Dong Z. +
The HR diagram of massive stars : widening of the main sequence band and WR formation. 1-gen-1984 Bressan, A. +
HST photometry: Can UV colors probe the galaxy ages? 1-gen-1997 Bressan, A. +
The HST survey of the B2 sample of radio-galaxies: Optical nuclei and the FR I/BL Lac unified scheme 1-gen-2002 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
The HST view of FR I radio galaxies: evidence for non--thermal sources 1-gen-1999 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
The HST view of the FR I FR II dichotomy 1-gen-2000 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
Hubbard model on the infinite-dimensional diamond lattice 1-gen-1993 Santoro, Giuseppe ErnestoSorella, SandroTosatti, Erio +
Hubbard-corrected density functional perturbation theory with ultrasoft pseudopotentials 1-gen-2020 De Gironcoli, S. +
Hubbard-Corrected DFT Energy Functionals: The LDA + U Description of Correlated Systems 1-gen-2014 Floris, Andreade Gironcoli, Stefano MariaCococcioni, Matteo +
The Hubbard-Stratonovich transformation and the Hubbard model 1-gen-1991 Sorella, Sandro
Hubble Space Telescope Far-Ultraviolet Imaging of M31, M32, and NGC 205 1-gen-1995 Bressan, A. +
HuD Is a Neural Translation Enhancer Acting on mTORC1-Responsive Genes and Counteracted by the Y3 Small Non-coding RNA 1-gen-2018 Sanguinetti G +
Hull Shape Design Optimization with Parameter Space and Model Reductions, and Self-Learning Mesh Morphing 1-gen-2021 Nicola DemoMarco TezzeleAndrea MolaGianluigi Rozza
Human cingulate cortex and autonomic control: converging neuroimaging and clinical evidence 1-gen-2003 Shallice, T +
Human cord blood CD133+ stem cells transplanted to nod-scid mice provide conditions for regeneration of olfactory neuroepithelium after permanent damage induced by dichlobenil 1-gen-2009 Pifferi, S.Menini, A. +
A human minisatellite hosts an alternative transcription start site for NPRL3 driving its expression in a repeat number-dependent manner 1-gen-2020 Bertuzzi, M.Calligaris, R.Vlachouli, C.Finaurini, S.Sanges, R.Gustincich, S. +
Human Pluripotent Stem-Cell-Derived Cortical Neurons Integrate Functionally into the Lesioned Adult Murine Visual Cortex in an Area-Specific Way 1-gen-2018 Giugliano, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 4.084 a 4.103 di 9.825
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