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Interfacing Proteins with Graphitic Nanomaterials: from Spontaneous Attraction to Tailored Assemblies 1-gen-2015 MAGISTRATO, ALESSANDRA +
The Intergalactic Medium as a Cosmological Tool 1-gen-2009 Viel, Matteo
The intergalactic medium thermal history at redshift z = 1.7-3.2 from the Lyα forest: a comparison of measurements using wavelets and the flux distribution 1-gen-2012 Viel, Matteo +
Interleukin-31-mediated photoablation of pruritogenic epidermal neurons reduces itch-associated behaviours in mice 1-gen-2019 Heppenstall, Paul A. +
Intermediate mass black holes from stellar mergers in young star clusters 1-gen-2021 Ugo N. Di CarloMichela MapelliMario SperaStefano TorniamentiFrancesco Haardt +
Intermediate mass black holes in globular clusters: effects on jerks and jounces of millisecond pulsars 1-gen-2019 Mario Spera +
Intermittent alien hand syndrome and callosal apraxia in multiple sclerosis: implications for interhemispheric communication 1-gen-2014 Lunardelli, AlbertaSARTORI, AlbertoMengotti, PaolaRumiati, Raffaella +
Internal Delensing of Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization B-Modes with the POLARBEAR Experiment 1-gen-2020 Arnold K.Baccigalupi C.Bianchini F.Borrill J.Fabbian G.Keating B.Poletti D.Puglisi G.Silva-Feaver M.Stompor R. +
Internal shocks and the blazar sequence: Low and intermediate power BL Lac objects 1-gen-2004 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
Internal shocks in the jets of radio-loud quasars 1-gen-2001 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
Internal symmetries of the axisymmetric gravitational fields 1-gen-1979 Reina, Cesare
Interneurone bursts are spontaneously associated with muscle contractions only during early phases of mouse spinal network development: a study in organotypic cultures 1-gen-2004 Zoccolan, Davide FrancoBallerini, Laura +
The interplay between "low" and "high" energy CP-violation in leptogenesis 1-gen-2009 Petcov, ST +
Interplay between bonding and magnetism in the binding of NO to Rh clusters 1-gen-2008 de Gironcoli, Stefano Maria +
Interplay between destructive quantum interference and symmetry-breaking phenomena in graphene quantum junctions 1-gen-2019 Valli A.Amaricci A.Capone M. +
Interplay between electron correlations and polar displacements in metallic SrEuMo2O6 1-gen-2016 Capone, Massimo +
Interplay between spin and phonon fluctuations in the double-exchange model for the manganites 1-gen-2002 Capone, Massimo +
Interplay of charge and spin dynamics after an interaction quench in the Hubbard model 1-gen-2017 Wysokiński, Marcin M.Fabrizio, Michele
Interplay of orbital degeneracy and superconductivity in a molecular conductor 1-gen-1996 Fabrizio, Michele +
Interplay of strong correlation and Jahn-Teller effect in orbitally degenerate systems 1-gen-2000 Capone, Massimo
Mostrati risultati da 4.260 a 4.279 di 9.492
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