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In the adult hippocampus, chronic NGF deprivation shifts GABAergic signaling from the hyperpolarizing to the depolarizing direction 1-gen-2010 Cherubini, Enrico +
In the developing rat hippocampus a tonic GABAA-mediated conductance selectively enhances the glutamatergic drive of principal cells 1-gen-2007 Cherubini, Enrico +
In the developing rat hippocampus, endogenous activation of presynaptic kainate receptors reduces GABA release from mossy fiber terminals 1-gen-2010 Cherubini, Enrico +
In vitro Myogenesis induced by Human Recombinant Elastin-Like Proteins 1-gen-2015 Scaini, Denis +
In vivo role of different domains and of phosphorylation in the transcription factor Nkx2-1 1-gen-2011 Sanges, Remo +
In-flight polarization angle calibration for LiteBIRD: Blind challenge and cosmological implications 1-gen-2022 Krachmalnicoff N.Baccigalupi C. +
In-plane Raman scattering of (001)-Si/Ge superlattices: Theory and experiment 1-gen-1994 De Gironcoli, S. +
Inactivation characteristic of a sustained Ca2+-independent K+ current of rat hippocampal neurones in vitro 1-gen-1992 Cherubini, Enrico +
Inactivation of a slow Ca2+ current in CA1 neurones of the adult rat hippocampal slice 1-gen-1990 Cherubini, Enrico +
InAs/GaSb(001) valence-band offset: Independence of interface composition and strain 1-gen-1996 Baroni, S. +
Inclination Effects and Reddening of Seyfert-1 Nuclei 1-gen-1984 Danese, Luigi +
Incommensurability of a confined system under shear 1-gen-2005 Tosatti, E. +
Incorporating long-range electrostatics in neural network potentials via variational charge equilibration from shortsighted ingredients 1-gen-2024 Shaidu, YusufPellegrini, FrancoLot, Ruggerode Gironcoli, Stefano +
Increased density of M1 receptors in the hippocampus of juvenile rats chronically deprived of NGF 1-gen-1999 Cherubini, Enrico +
Increasing d-wave superconductivity by on-site repulsion 1-gen-2003 Sorella, SandroFabrizio, Michele +
Increasing the Astrophysical Reach of the Advanced Virgo Detector via the Application of Squeezed Vacuum States of Light 1-gen-2019 Spera M. +
Independence of synthetic curvature dimension conditions on transport distance exponent 1-gen-2021 Cavalletti, FabioSantarcangelo, Flavia +
Independence on p of weak upper gradients on RCD spaces 1-gen-2016 Gigli, Nicola +
Independent functioning of verbal memory stores: a neuropsychological study 1-gen-1970 Shallice, Timothy +
Indeterminacy estimates and the size of nodal sets in singular spaces 1-gen-2021 Cavalletti, FabioFarinelli, Sara
Mostrati risultati da 4.260 a 4.279 di 9.838
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