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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Large parameter behavior of equilibrium measures 1-gen-2006 Grava, Tamara +
Large physical spin approach for strongly correlated electrons 1-gen-1995 SORELLA S +
Large scale chromosome folding Is stable against local changes in chromatin structure 1-gen-2016 Florescu, A. M.Rosa, A. +
Large scale jets in AGN: multiwavelength mapping 1-gen-2001 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
The large scale polarization explorer (LSPE) for CMB measurements: performance forecast 1-gen-2021 C. BaccigalupiF. FarsianM. GerbinoA. GruppusoN. KrachmalnicoffD. MainoS. MatarreseA. MennellaD. MolinariU. NataleP. NatoliL. PaganoF. PiacentiniD. PolettiM. SandriM. TomasiM. Zannoni +
Large Tensor-to-Scalar Ratio in Small-Field Inflation 1-gen-2013 Kobayashi T.Takahashi T.
Large vertical bar U-e3 vertical bar and tribimaximal mixing 1-gen-2009 Goswami, SabyasachiPetkov, ST +
Large-Eddy Simulation of Bypass Transition on a Zero-Pressure-Gradient Flat Plate Using the Spectral-Element Dynamic Model 1-gen-2021 Tonicello N. +
Large-scale clustering of Lyman α emission intensity from SDSS/BOSS 1-gen-2016 Viel, Matteo +
Large-Scale Motions and Electrostatic Properties of Furin and HIV-1 Protease 1-gen-2007 Micheletti, Cristian +
Large-strain poroelastic plate theory for polymer gels with applications to swelling-induced morphing of composite plates 1-gen-2017 Lucantonio, AlessandroDe Simone, Antonio +
Latching dynamics as a basis for short-term recall 1-gen-2021 Ryom, K. I.Boboeva, V.Soldatkina, O.Treves, A.
Late Frontal Negativity Discriminates Outcomes and Intentions in Trust-Repayment Behavior 1-gen-2020 Mengotti P.Rumiati R. +
Late-time decaying dark matter: constraints and implications for the H0-tension 1-gen-2020 Matteo Viel +
Lateral thinking, from the Hopfield model to cortical dynamics 1-gen-2012 Treves, Alessandro +
Lattice and surface effects in the out-of-equilibrium dynamics of the Hubbard model 1-gen-2012 Fabrizio, M. +
Lattice approaches to dilute Fermi gases: Legacy of broken Galilean invariance 1-gen-2012 Capone, Massimo +
Lattice B parameters for Delta S = 2 and Delta I = 3/2 operators 1-gen-1998 Martinelli, Guido +
Lattice Bisognano-Wichmann modular Hamiltonian in critical quantum spin chains 1-gen-2020 Jiaju ZhangPasquale CalabreseMarcello DalmonteMohammad Ali Rajabpour
Lattice calculation of D- and B-meson semileptonic decays, using the clover action at β = 6.0 on APE 1-gen-1995 Martinelli, G. +
Mostrati risultati da 4.638 a 4.657 di 9.740
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