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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Modeling the neutral hydrogen distribution in the post-reionization Universe: intensity mapping 1-gen-2014 Viel, MatteoChoudhury, Tirthankar Roy +
Modeling the Sgr A∗ Black Hole Immersed in a Dark Matter Spike 1-gen-2021 Nampalliwar, S.Kumar, S.Salucci, P. +
Modeling the spectral energy distribution of ULIRGs. I. The radio spectra 1-gen-2008 Bressan, A. +
Modelling adaptation aftereffects in associative memory 1-gen-2007 Treves, A. +
Modelling and experiments of solidification of AISI 304 1-gen-2007 PALUMBO, Mauro +
Modelling black holes with angular momentum in loop quantum gravity 1-gen-2014 Pranzetti, Daniele +
Modelling dust in galactic SEDs: Application to semi-analytical galaxy formation models 1-gen-2001 Bressan, A. +
Modelling high-resolution ALMA observations of strongly lensed dusty star-forming galaxies detected by Herschel 1-gen-2022 De Zotti, GianfrancoLapi, AndreaNegrello, Mattia +
Modelling intermediate age and old stellar populations in the Infrared 1-gen-1998 Bressan, A. +
Modelling of primary bcc-Fe crystal growth in a Fe85B15 amorphous alloy 1-gen-2005 Palumbo, M. +
Modelling the dusty universe - I. Introducing the artificial neural network and first applications to luminosity and colour distributions 1-gen-2010 Bressan, A. +
Modelling the extinction properties of galaxies 1-gen-2001 Bressan, A. +
Modelling the IGM and the Lyα Forest at High Redshift from the Dark Matter Distribution 1-gen-2002 Viel, Matteo +
Modelling the Spectral Energy Distribution of compact luminous infrared galaxies: Constraints from high frequency radio data 1-gen-2004 Bressan, A. +
Modelling the spectral energy distribution of ULIRGs. II. The energetic environment and the dense interstellar medium 1-gen-2008 Bressan, A. +
Models with convective overshoot: Tables of isochrones 1-gen-1990 Bressan, A. +
Models with short- and long-range interactions: the phase diagram and the reentrant phase 1-gen-2010 Ruffo, S. +
Modified Dispersion Relations from the Renormalization Group of Gravity 1-gen-2007 Girelli, FlorianLiberati, StefanoPercacci, RobertoRahmede, Christoph
Modified Special Relativity on a fluctuating spacetime 1-gen-2006 Liberati, Stefano +
Modified Thirring model beyond the excluded-volume approximation 1-gen-2022 Lapo CasettiPierfrancesco Di CintioStefano Ruffo +
Mostrati risultati da 5.124 a 5.143 di 9.492
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