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Modality specific word comprehension deficits in deep dyslexia 1-gen-1980 Shallice, Timothy +
Modality-independent role of the primary auditory cortex in time estimation 1-gen-2011 Bueti, D. +
Modality-specific operations in semantic dementia 1-gen-1997 Shallice, Timothy +
Model comparison from LIGO-Virgo data on GW170817's binary components and consequences for the merger remnant 1-gen-2020 Spera M. +
Model Folded Hydrophobic Polymers Reside in Highly Branched Voids 1-gen-2022 Laio, A. +
A model for a light graviphoton 1-gen-1986 Barbieri, R.Cecotti, S.
A model for crack propagation based on viscous approximation 1-gen-2011 +
A model for the differentiation between grid and conjunctive units in medial entorhinal cortex 1-gen-2013 Treves, Alessandro +
A model for the dynamics of rowing boats 1-gen-2009 Mola, Andrea +
A model for the quasi-static growth of brittle fractures based on local minimization 1-gen-2002 Dal Maso, GianniToader, Rodica
A model for the quasi-static growth of brittle fractures: existence and approximation results 1-gen-2002 Dal Maso, Gianni +
A model for the quasistatic growth of cracks with fractional dimension 1-gen-2017 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Model hierarchies and higher-order discretisation of time-dependent thin-film free boundary problems with dynamic contact angle 1-gen-2022 Dirk PeschkaLuca Heltai
Model independent approach to focus point supersymmetry: from dark matter to collider searches 1-gen-2005 Ullio, Piero +
Model independent determination of the light cone wave function for exclusive processes 1-gen-1998 Franco, E.Martinelli, G.Silvestrini, L. +
Model independent determination of the shape function for inclusive B decays and of the structure functions in DIS 1-gen-1998 Franco, Nicolas Jacques Emile ChristianMartinelli, G.Silvestrini, Luca +
Model of phototransduction in retinal rods 1-gen-1990 Torre V.Menini, Anna +
Model order reduction for bifurcating phenomena in fluid-structure interaction problems 1-gen-2022 Khamlich M.Pichi F.Rozza G.
Model order reduction strategies for weakly dispersive waves 1-gen-2023 Torlo, D. +
Model Reduction for Parametrized Optimal Control Problems in Environmental Marine Sciences and Engineering 1-gen-2018 Strazzullo, MariaBallarin, FrancescoRozza, Gianluigi +
Mostrati risultati da 5.224 a 5.243 di 9.746
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