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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Topologically massive planar universes with constant twist 1-gen-1987 Percacci, Roberto +
A topologically twisted index for three-dimensional supersymmetric theories 1-gen-2015 Benini, Francesco +
Topologies of Random Geometric Complexes on Riemannian Manifolds in the Thermodynamic Limit 1-gen-2021 Lerario, Antonio +
Topology and fractional spin in the (2+1)-dimensional σ model 1-gen-1991 Percacci, Roberto +
Topology change and selection rules for high-dimensional spin(1,n)0-Lorentzian cobordisms 1-gen-2020 Smirnov, GlebTorres, Rafael
Topology induced macroscopic quantum coherence in Josephson junction networks 1-gen-2004 Trombettoni, A +
Topology-Induced Critical Current Enhancement in Josephson Networks 1-gen-2007 Trombettoni A. +
Topology-induced spatial Bose-Einstein condensation for bosons on star-shaped optical networks 1-gen-2004 Trombettoni, A +
The toric phases of the Y-p,Y-q quivers 1-gen-2005 BENVENUTI, Sergio +
The total Betti number of the intersection of three real quadrics 1-gen-2014 Lerario, Antonio
Total correlations of the diagonal ensemble herald the many-body localization transition 1-gen-2015 Clark, Stephen Richard James FranzSilva, Alessandro +
Total mass biases in X-ray galaxy clusters 1-gen-2008 Valdarnini, Riccardo +
Touch Receptor-Derived Sensory Information Alleviates Acute Pain Signaling and Fine-Tunes Nociceptive Reflex Coordination 1-gen-2017 Heppenstall, Paul A. +
Toward a tomographic analysis of the cross-correlation between Planck CMB lensing and H-ATLAS galaxies 1-gen-2016 Bianchini, FedericoLapi, AndreaCalabrese, MatteoBielewicz, PawelBaccigalupi, CarloDanese, Luigi +
Toward a transferable parametrization for carbon in a periodic semi-empirical molecular orbital scheme 1-gen-1998 Baroni, S. +
Toward a unified scoring function for native state discrimination and drug-binding pocket recognition 1-gen-2018 Battisti, AnnaZamuner, StefanoSarti, EdoardoLaio, Alessandro
Toward Accurate Adsorption Energetics on Clay Surfaces 1-gen-2016 Zen, AndreaSorella, Sandro +
Toward an accurate and efficient theory of physisorption. I. Development of an augmented density-functional theory model 1-gen-2008 de Gironcoli, Stefano MariaScoles, Giacinto +
Toward anharmonic computations of vibrational spectra for large molecular systems 1-gen-2012 CARNIMEO, Ivan +
Mostrati risultati da 8.509 a 8.528 di 9.071
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