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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
“Haldane hypothesis”: premises of the Italian epidemiological observations and research on Thalassemia and Malaria 1-gen-2016 Canali, Stefano
Hamiltonian perturbations of hyperbolic PDEs: from classification results to the properties of solutions 1-gen-2009 Dubrovin, Boris
Hardwired for Sexism? Approaches to Sex/Gender in Neuroscience 1-gen-2012 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Hartree-Fock dynamics for weakly interacting fermions 1-gen-2014 Porta M +
Heat flow and calculus on metric measure spaces with ricci curvature bounded below—The compact case 1-gen-2013 Gigli, N. +
Higher-order cognitive impairments and frontal lobe lesions in man 1-gen-1991 Shallice, Timothy +
How could we get nosology from computation? 1-gen-2016 Mathys, Christoph Daniel
Idee, tradizioni, scuole e tecniche nel pensiero medico italiano 1-gen-2010 Canali, Stefano
Il cervello sociale e l’analisi degli atteggiamenti inter-gruppi 1-gen-2011 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Il Comitato nazionale di consulenza per la biologia e la medicina 1-gen-2001 Canali, Stefano
Il sapere del bisturi: epilessia, chirurgia e l'organizzazione funzionale del cervello 1-gen-1992 Canali, Stefano
An Immersed Finite Element Method Approach for Brain Biomechanics 1-gen-2013 Heltai, L. +
The impairment of auditory-verbal short-term storage 1-gen-1990 Shallice, Timothy +
Impairments of semantic processing: multiple dissociations 1-gen-1987 Shallice, Timothy
Improved cosmological constraints from a Bayesian hierarchical model of supernova type Ia data 1-gen-2013 Trotta, R +
In the developing hippocampus kainate receptors control the release of GABA from mossy fiber terminals via a metabotropic type of action 1-gen-2011 Cherubini, Enrico +
Information-processing models of consciousness: possibilities and problems 1-gen-1988 Shallice, Timothy
Integrable Systems 1-gen-2001 Dubrovin B +
An integrated data-driven computational pipeline with model order reduction for industrial and applied mathematics 1-gen-2022 Marco TezzeleNicola DemoAndrea MolaGianluigi Rozza
Interactions between knowledge sources in a dual-route connectionist model of spelling 1-gen-1995 Shallice, Timothy +
Mostrati risultati da 102 a 121 di 289
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