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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Prion receptors, prion internalization, intra- and inter-cellular transport 1-gen-2023 Celauro, LuigiZattoni, MarcoLegname, Giuseppe
Prions 1-gen-2016 Legname, G.Pischke, K. E.
Probability of Two Large Gaps in the Bulk and at the Edge of the Spectrum of Random Matrices 1-gen-2022 Krasovsky, I. +
Probing AGN feedback on the ICM with the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect 1-gen-2004 Lapi, Andrea +
Probing Faster than Light Travel and Chronology Protection with Superluminal Warp Drives 1-gen-2017 Barceló, CarlosLiberati, Stefano
Probing Riboswitch Binding Sites with Molecular Docking, Focused Libraries, and In-line Probing Assays 1-gen-2014 Colizzi, FrancescoBussi, Giovanni +
Protein folding with combined parallel tempering and metadynamics 1-gen-2006 Bussi, G.Laio, A. +
Psicofarmacologia, psicofarmaci e tossicodipendenze 1-gen-2011 Canali, Stefano
Psicosomatica, psiconeuroimmunologia e dermatologia 1-gen-1993 Canali, Stefano
Pubertà ritardata maschile 1-gen-2000 Isidori, Aldo +
Quench Dynamics of Rényi Negativities and the Quasiparticle Picture 1-gen-2022 Murciano, SaraAlba, VincenzoCalabrese, Pasquale
The quiver approach to the BPS spectrum of 4d N=2 gauge theory 1-gen-2015 Cecotti, Sergio
Recent advances in Bayesian inference in cosmology and astroparticle physics thanks to the multinest algorithm 1-gen-2013 Trotta, R +
Recent advances in cosmological Bayesian model comparison 1-gen-2012 Trotta R.
Recent analytical developments in micromagnetics 1-gen-2006 De Simone, Antonio +
Reduced Basis Approaches to Bifurcating Nonlinear Parametrized Partial Differential Equations 1-gen-2022 Pichi, FedericoBallarin, FrancescoRozza, Gianluigi
Reduced basis approximation and a posteriori error estimation for parametrized parabolic PDEs; Application to real-time Bayesian parameter estimation. 1-gen-2011 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Reduced Basis Approximation and A Posteriori Error Estimation: Applications to Elasticity Problems in Several Parametric Settings 1-gen-2018 Pichi, FedericoRozza, Gianluigi +
Reduced basis approximation of parametrized advection-diffusion PDEs with high Péclet number 1-gen-2015 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Reduced Basis Methods for Optimal Control of Advection-Diffusion Problem 1-gen-2006 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Mostrati risultati da 233 a 252 di 311
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