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Applications of topology to analysis: on the topological properties of the set of fixed points of nonlinear operators 1-gen-1971 Vidossich, G.
Arnold diffusion : a functional analysis approach 1-gen-2002 Berti, Massimiliano
Aspects of production and kinetic decoupling of non-thermal dark matter 1-gen-2012 Ullio, Piero +
Assessing Spike Sorting contribution to neural implant reliability 1-gen-2013 Rigosa, Jacopo +
Associative latching dynamics vs. syntax 1-gen-2011 Russo, EleonoraPirmoradian, SaharTreves, Alessandro
Astrophysical bounds on Planck suppressed Lorentz violation 1-gen-2005 Liberati, Stefano +
Asymptotic behavior of smooth solutions for partially dissipative hyperbolic systems and relaxation approximation 1-gen-2006 Bianchini S.
Asymptotic dynamics of three-dimensional gravity 1-gen-2015 Donnay L.
Attacks on Online Learners: a Teacher-Student Analysis 1-gen-2023 Margiotta, Riccardo G.Goldt, SebastianSanguinetti, Guido
Automatic Extraction of Transport Model Parameters of an Organic Semiconductor Material 1-gen-2020 Africa, Pasquale Claudio +
Autonomous landing by computer vision: an application of path following in SE(3) 1-gen-2000 Altafini, Claudio +
Average frustration and phase transition in large-scale biological networks: a statistical physics approach 1-gen-2010 Altafini, Claudio +
$B \rightarrow K^\star \gamma$ decay on APE 1-gen-1995 Lubicz V.Martinelli G.Serone M. +
Backward line tracking control of a radio-controlled truck and trailer 1-gen-2001 Altafini, Claudio +
Band offsets engineering at semiconductor heterojunctions 1-gen-1993 Resta, R.Baroni, S. +
The Baryonic Mass vs. Dark Halo Mass Relationship in Galaxies. the imprint of large energy feedbacks and of the inefficiency of the cosmological star formation 1-gen-2004 Salucci, PaoloDanese, Luigi +
Baryons in Dark Matter Halos 1-gen-2004 Salucci, Paolo +
Bayesian approach to galactic cosmic ray propagation 1-gen-2015 Trotta, R +
A Bayesian approach to the constrained MSSM 1-gen-2008 Trotta, R +
Black Holes in General Relativity and Beyond 1-gen-2019 Barausse, Enrico
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 595
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