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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
D-instantons on orbifolds and gauge/gravity correspondence 1-gen-2002 Tanzini, Alessandro
D3-branes dynamics and black holes 1-gen-1998 Bertolini, Matteo +
Dark Energy and CMB Bispectrum 1-gen-2005 Baccigalupi, C. +
Dark matter and baryons in groups and clusters of galaxies 1-gen-2002 Cavaliere, A.Lapi, A. +
Dark Matter candidates in a baryogenesis inspired scenario 1-gen-2006 Ullio, Piero +
Dark matter halos around galaxies 1-gen-1997 Salucci, Paolo +
Dark Matter in a Sample of Spiral Galaxies 1-gen-2003 Salucci, P. +
Dark matter in galaxies 1-gen-2009 Salucci, Paolo
Dark matter in galaxies: Leads to its nature 1-gen-2013 Salucci, P. +
Dark Matter in Gas-Rich Dwarf Galaxies 1-gen-2008 Gentile, GSalucci, P +
DarkSUSY - A numerical package for dark matter calculations in the MSSM 1-gen-2001 Ullio P +
Decoding population neuronal responses by topological clustering 1-gen-2008 Panzeri, StefanoDiamond, Mathew +
Decoherence, wave-function collapses, non-ordinary statistical mechanics and the second principle 1-gen-2002 Rosa, Angelo +
Defect creation and Diffusion under electric fields from first-principles: the prototypical case of silicon dioxide 1-gen-2019 Salles, N.de Gironcoli, S.Giacomazzi, L. +
Deformations of symmetric products of curves 1-gen-1994 Fantechi Barbara
Deformations with a resonant irregular singularity 1-gen-2018 Guzzetti, Davide
Detecting social intentions 1-gen-2011 PARMA, ValentinaCastiello, Umberto +
Determining Neutrino Mass and Mixing Observables and the Nature of Massive Neutrinos Using Atoms 1-gen-2013 Petkov, Serguey Todorov +
Developing a Neural Network potential to investigate interface phenomena in solid-phase epitaxy 1-gen-2021 Lot, Rde Gironcoli, S +
Dielectric properties of high-Κ materials: A theoretical view 1-gen-2006 DELUGAS, Pietro Davide +
Mostrati risultati da 102 a 121 di 597
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