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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Neutrino Physics 1-gen-2012 Romanino, Andrea
New constraints on varying α 1-gen-2003 Trotta R. +
A new perspective on early cosmology 1-gen-2015 ALESCI, Emanuele
A new population of WIMPs in the Solar System and indirect detection rates 1-gen-2001 Ullio, Piero +
New results for AdS/CFT and beyond 1-gen-2006 Bertolini, M. +
Next Future Detectable GWs from Colliding Inflationary Bubbles 1-gen-1998 Baccigalupi, C. +
NMR insights into links that correlate structural features with onset of prion diseases 1-gen-2012 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
NMR structural insights into effects of point mutations in Human genome on prion protein 1-gen-2012 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
NMR studies of human prion protein mutants in solution 1-gen-2012 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
NMR studies of human prion proteins with pathological mutations 1-gen-2011 Giachin GLegname, Giuseppe +
Non-equilibrium dynamics of isolated quantum systems 1-gen-2015 Calabrese, Pasquale
Non-equilibrium Spacetime Thermodynamics, Entanglement viscosity and KSS bound 1-gen-2011 Liberati, Stefano +
Non-monotonic current-to-rate response function in a novel integrate-and-fire model neuron 1-gen-2002 Giugliano, M. +
Non-perturbative renormalisation of four fermion operators and B0 −B0 bar mixing with Wilson fermions 1-gen-2003 Martinelli, Guido +
Non-perturbative renormalization constants and light quark masses 1-gen-2003 Martinelli, Guido +
Non-Standard Neutrino Interactions in T2K and Daya Bay 1-gen-2015 Girardi, IvanPetkov, Serguey Todorov +
Nonlinear Dynamics of a Driven Underdamped Chain: Effects of Disorder and Temperature 1-gen-2006 Guerra, Roberto +
Nonlinear free surface potential flow simulations for hulls with a transom stern operating in dry and wet conditions 1-gen-2015 Mola A.Heltai L.De Simone A.
Nonlinear oscillations of completely resonant wave equations 1-gen-2007 Berti, Massimiliano
Nonlinear vibrations of completely resonant wave equations. 1-gen-2007 Berti, M.
Mostrati risultati da 315 a 334 di 558
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