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Observing the Load Dynamic of an Overhead Crane with Minimal Sensor Equipment 1-gen-2000 Altafini, Claudio +
Odorant Detection and Discrimination in the Olfactory System 1-gen-2011 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna
Olfactory dysfunction in relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis 1-gen-2008 PARMA, ValentinaCastiello, Umberto +
On simplicity and stability of tangent bundles of rational homogeneous varieties 1-gen-2012 Boralevi, Ada
On the algebro-geometric solution of 3×3 matrix Riemann-Hilbert problem. 1-gen-2002 Grava, Tamara +
On the control of a robot hand by extracting neural signals from the PNS: preliminary results from a human implantation 1-gen-2009 Rigosa, J.Carrozza, M. C. +
On the Dirichlet problem for H-systems on the disc with prescribed mean curvature 1-gen-2005 Musina, Roberta +
On the distance to monotonicity of a biological network: a graph-theoretical approach 1-gen-2009 Altafini, Claudio +
On the dragging effects and the theory of Active Galactic Nuclei 1-gen-1994 Lanza, Antonio +
On the generation of elementary quantum gates from continuous time forced Schrodinger equation 1-gen-2002 Altafini, Claudio
On the Lie-algebraic properties of control systems in chained form 1-gen-2000 Altafini, Claudio
On the solution of the Whitham equations: an estimate of the genus 1-gen-2000 Grava, Tamara
On the space of gauge orbits in gauge theories and gravitation 1-gen-1983 Reina, C.
On the structure of measures constrained by linear PDEs 1-gen-2018 de Philippis, G. +
One-loop effective action in quantum gravitation 1-gen-2016 Rachwal, L.Codello, A.Percacci, R.
Open quantum dynamical systems driven by coherent controls: structure of the sets of reachable states 1-gen-2004 Altafini, Claudio
Out of equilibrium phase transitions in mean-field Hamiltonian dynamics 1-gen-2008 Ruffo, Stefano +
The out-of-equilibrium time-dependent gutzwiller approximation 1-gen-2013 Fabrizio M.
Output Error Estimates in Reduced Basis Methods for Time-Harmonic Maxwell’s Equations 1-gen-2016 Hess, Martin Wilfried +
Overview of the Medium and High Frequency Telescopes of the LiteBIRD satellite mission 1-gen-2021 Baccigalupi, CKrachmalnicoff, N +
Mostrati risultati da 350 a 369 di 569
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