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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriFile
1Theory of Resonance Raman Scattering in Carbon Nanotubes using Excitonic Intermediate States2005Bussi, Giovanni  ; -
2The amino-terminal-fragment of human urokinase fused to the plant toxin saporin targets the recombinant fusion toxin to urokinase-receptor bearing-cells: is internalization mediated by the toxin?1996Legname, Giuseppe  ; -
3Abstracts of "Baryons in Dark Matter Halos"2004Salucci, Paolo  -
4Parameterization of novel anticancer drugs via a QM/MM force matching procedure and effect of drug-binding on DNA flexibility2006MAGISTRATO, ALESSANDRA  ; Carloni, Paolo  ; -
5Cytosolic localization of prion protein in neuronal cells in brain of mice2002Legname, Giuseppe  ; -
6Expression of single saporin isoforms in E.coli reveals differences in ribosome-inhibiting-activities1994Legname, Giuseppe  ; -
7First-principles investigation of order-disorder phase boundary in ice2010Baroni, Stefano  ; de Gironcoli, Stefano Maria  -
8Grammar as the freezing of a Potts glass2015Boboeva, Vezha  ; Kulkarni, Ritwik  ; Treves, Alessandro  -
9Reorganization of spatial maps in the hippocampal circuit2011Stella, Federico  ; Treves, Alessandro    Open Access
10A model for grid cells in 3-D environments2013Stella, Federico  ; Treves, Alessandro    Open Access