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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriFile
1Naive Bayes texture classification applied to whisker data from a moving robot2010Diamond, Mathew Ernest  ;  riservati
2Neural networks in the brain involved in memory and recall1993Rolls, Edmund Thomson  ; Treves, Alessandro  -
3Activities on PNS neural interfaces for the control of hand prostheses2011Rigosa, Jacopo  ; -
4On the control of a robot hand by extracting neural signals from the PNS: preliminary results from a human implantation2009Rigosa, Jacopo  ; Carrozza, Maria Chiara  ; -
5Feedback stabilization of quantum ensembles: a global convergence analysis on complex flag manifolds2006Altafini, Claudio  -
6Prion kinetic replication models and strain-dependent stability (to denaturation)2009Legname, Giuseppe  ; -
7Highly scalable parallel processing of extracellular recordings of Multielectrode Arrays2015Giugliano, Michele    riservati
8Lie-algebraic conditions for exponential stability of switched systems1999Agrachev, Andrey  ; -
9Modeling the genome-wide transient response to stimuli in yeast: adaptation through integral feedback2009Altafini, Claudio  -
10QSpikeTools: An open source toolbox for parallel batch processing of extracellular neuronal signals recorded by substrate microelectrode arrays2014Giugliano, Michele    riservati