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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Approximate Hitchin-Kobayashi correspondence for Higgs G-bundles 1-gen-2014 Bruzzo, U.Graña Otero, B.
Approximation of fixed points of compact mappings 1-gen-1971 Vidossich, Giovanni
Approximation of Free-Discontinuity Problems 22-ott-1999 Alicandro, Roberto
The area blow up set for bounded mean curvature submanifolds with respect to elliptic surface energy functionals 1-gen-2019 De Philippis, G. +
Assessment of self-adapting local projection-based solvers for laminar and turbulent industrial flows 1-gen-2018 Delgado Ávila, Enrique +
An asymmetric noncommutative torus 1-gen-2015 Dabrowski, LudwikSITARZ, Andrzej Wojciech
Asymptotic analysis of second order nonlocal Cahn-Hilliard-type functionals 1-gen-2018 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Asymptotic approach to a rotational Taylor swimming sheet 1-gen-2021 Corsi, Giovanni
Asymptotic behavior of smooth solutions for partially dissipative hyperbolic systems with a convex entropy 1-gen-2007 Bianchini, S. +
The Asymptotic Behaviour of the Fourier Transform of Orthogonal Polynomials II: L.I.F.S. measures and Quantum Mechanics 1-gen-2007 Guzzetti, Davide +
Asymptotic eigenvalue estimates for a Robin problem with a large parameter 1-gen-2014 MINAKOV, Oleksandr +
An Asymptotic Reduction of a Painleve VI Equation to a Painleve’ III 1-gen-2011 Guzzetti, Davide
Asymptotics for the Partition Function in Two-Cut Random Matrix Models 1-gen-2015 Grava, Tamara +
Asymptotics of rarefaction wave solution to the mKdV equation 1-gen-2011 Minakov, O.
Asymptotics of step-like solutions for the Camassa-Holm equation 1-gen-2016 Minakov, O.
The Atiyah Patodi Singer Signature formula for measured foliations 1-gen-2014 ANTONINI, Paolo
Attainment results for nematic elastomers 1-gen-2015 Agostiniani, VirginiaDal Maso, GianniDe Simone, Antonio
An authenticated theoretical modeling of electrified fluid jet in core--shell nanofibers production 1-gen-2018 Rafiei, SaeedehL. Heltai +
Automorphisms and moduli spaces of varieties with ample canonical class via deformations of abelian covers 1-gen-1997 Fantechi, Barbara +
Axisymmetric gravitational fields 1-gen-1976 Reina, C.Treves, A.
Mostrati risultati da 31 a 50 di 1.204
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