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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A numerical approach for heat flux estimation in thin slabs continuous casting molds using data assimilation 1-gen-2021 Rozza, GianluigiStabile, Giovanni +
Numerical approximation of a control problem for advection-diffusion processes 1-gen-2006 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Numerical modeling of hemodynamics scenarios of patient-specific coronary artery bypass grafts 1-gen-2017 Ballarin, FrancescoRozza, Gianluigi +
Numerical Simulation of Sailing Boats: Dynamics, FSI, and Shape Optimization 1-gen-2012 Rozza, Gianluigi +
Numerical simulation of the dynamics of boats by a variational inequality approach 1-gen-2009 Mola, Andrea +
Numerical solution of the small dispersion limit of Korteweg-de Vries and Whitham equations 1-gen-2007 Grava, Tamara +
Numerical solution of the small dispersion limit of the Camassa-Holm equation and Whitham equations and Multiscale expansion 1-gen-2010 ABENDA, SIMONETTAGrava, Tamara +
Numerical strategies for stroke optimization of axisymmetric microswimmers 1-gen-2011 De Simone, AntonioHeltai, Luca +
Numerical study of a multiscale expansion of the Korteweg-de Vries equation and Painlevé-II equation 1-gen-2008 Grava, Tamara +
Numerical study of breakup in generalized Korteweg - de Vries and Kawahara equations 1-gen-2011 Dubrovin, BorisGrava, Tamara +
A Numerical Study of the Jerky Crack Growth in Elastoplastic Materials with Localized Plasticity 1-gen-2021 Dal Maso, GHeltai, L
A numerical study of the small dispersion limit of the Korteweg–de Vries equation and asymptotic solutions 1-gen-2012 Grava, Tamara +
Numerical validation of a class of mixed discontinuous Galerkin methods for Darcy flow 1-gen-2007 Heltai, Luca +
Numerically flat Higgs vector bundles 1-gen-2007 Bruzzo, U. +
NURBS-SEM: A hybrid spectral element method on NURBS maps for the solution of elliptic PDEs on surfaces 1-gen-2018 Pitton, GiuseppeHeltai, Luca
NUT-like generalization of axisymmetric gravitational fields 1-gen-1975 Reina, C.Treves, A.
Nutations in growing plant shoots as a morphoelastic flutter instability 1-gen-2021 Agostinelli, D.Noselli, G.DeSimone, A.
Nutations in growing plant shoots: The role of elastic deformations due to gravity loading 1-gen-2020 Agostinelli, DanieleLucantonio, AlessandroNoselli, GiovanniDe Simone, Antonio
Obstruction Calculus for Functors of Artin Rings, I 1-gen-1998 Fantechi, Barbara +
Ogden-type energies for nematic elastomers 1-gen-2012 Agostiniani, VirginiaDe Simone, Antonio
Mostrati risultati da 655 a 674 di 1.204
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