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B-type natriuretic peptide-induced delayed modulation of TRPV1 and P2X3 receptors of mouse trigeminal sensory neurons 1-gen-2013 Vilotti, SandraMarchenkova, AnnaNistri, Andrea +
A bait we cannot avoid: Food-induced motor distractibility 1-gen-2016 Foroni, F.Rumiati, R.Coricelli, C.Ambron, E.
Barrels v: Proceedings of a satellite symposium of the 1992 society for neuroscience meeting 1-gen-1993 Diamond, Mathew E. +
A Bayesian foundation for individual learning under uncertainty 1-gen-2011 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Bayesian mixed-effects inference on classification performance in hierarchical data sets 1-gen-2012 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Bayesian modelling captures inter-individual differences in social belief computations in the putamen and insula 1-gen-2020 Mathys C. +
BDNF but not NT-4 is required for normal flexion reflex plasticity and function 1-gen-2001 Heppenstall, Paul A. +
BDNF impact on synaptic dynamics: extra or intracellular long-term release differently regulates cultured hippocampal synapses 1-gen-2020 Rossana RautiGiada CellotDenis ScainiLaura Ballerini +
Behavioral study of whisker-mediated vibration sensation in rats 1-gen-2012 Diamond, Mathew ErnestArabzadeh, Ehsan +
Beliefs about bad people are volatile 1-gen-2018 Mathys, C. +
Bestrophin-2 is a candidate calcium-activated chloride channel involved in olfactory transduction 1-gen-2006 Pifferi, SimoneBoccaccio, Anna ElisabettaGustincich, StefanoMenini, AnnaZucchelli, Silvia +
Beta band modulations underlie action representations for movement planning 1-gen-2016 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Bilirubin disrupts calcium homeostasis in neonatal hippocampal neurons: a new pathway of neurotoxicity 1-gen-2020 Rauti, R.Ballerini, L. +
Bimodal action of protons on ATP currents of rat PC12 cells 1-gen-2003 Nistri, A +
Binding of neural cell adhesion molecules (N-CAMs) to the cellular prion protein 1-gen-2001 Legname, Giuseppe +
Biofilms produced by Burkholderia cenocepacia: Influence of media and solid supports on composition of matrix exopolysaccharides 1-gen-2016 Scaini, Denis +
Bitter tastants and artificial sweeteners activate a subset of epithelial cells in acute tissue slices of the rat trachea 1-gen-2019 Pifferi SimoneHernandez-Clavijo AndresGonzalez-Velandia Kevin Y.Agostinelli EmilioMenini Anna +
Bizarre responses, rule detection and frontal lobe lesions 1-gen-1996 Shallice, Timothy +
BLISS: an artificial language for learnability studies 1-gen-2011 Treves, Alessandro +
Blockage and permeation of divalent cations through the cyclic GMP‐activated channel from tiger salamander retinal rods 1-gen-1991 Menini, AnnaTorre V. +
Mostrati risultati da 98 a 117 di 1.627
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