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Neuronal hemoglobin affects dopaminergic cells' response to stress 1-gen-2017 Codrich, MartaBertuzzi, MariaRusso, RobertaGiacca, MauroZucchelli, SilviaGustincich, Stefano +
Neuronal hemoglobin is reduced in Alzheimer's disease, argyrophilic grain disease, Parkinson's disease, and dementia with Lewy bodies 1-gen-2011 Gustincich, Stefano +
Neuronal nicotinic receptors modulate glutamatergic transmission on neonatal rat hypoglossal motoneurons 19-set-2005 Quitadamo, Maria Costanza
Neurons Are Able to Internalize Soluble Carbon Nanotubes: New Opportunities or Old Risks? 1-gen-2010 Cellot, G.Ballerini, L. +
Neuroprotective effect of propofol against excitotoxic injury to locomotor networks of the rat spinal cord in vitro 1-gen-2016 Kaur, JaspreetFlores Gutierrez, JavierNistri, Andrea
A neuropsychological approach to motor control and imagery 1-gen-2004 Rumiati, R. I. +
Neuropsychological evidence for a strategic control of multiple routes in imitation 1-gen-2007 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Neuropsychological perspectives on the mechanisms of imitation 1-gen-2009 Rumiati, RI +
Neurotrophic factors in the aging brain 1-gen-1991 Ballerini, L. +
Neurotrophin-3 promotes the survival of oligodendrocyte precursors in embryonic hippocampal cultures under chemically defined conditions 1-gen-1997 Cherubini, Enrico +
Neurotrophins, nociceptors and pain 1-gen-2000 Heppenstall, Paul A. +
A new approach to follow a single extracellular vesicle-cell interaction using optical tweezers 1-gen-2016 Amin, LadanLegname, Giuseppe +
New insights into structural determinants of prion protein folding and stability 1-gen-2015 Benetti, FedericoLegname, Giuseppe
New insights on the role of gephyrin in regulating both phasic and tonic GABAergic inhibition in rat hippocampal neurons in culture 1-gen-2009 Cherubini, E. +
A new model of nerve injury in the rat reveals a role of Regulator of G protein Signaling 4 in tactile hypersensitivity 1-gen-2016 Taccola, GiulianoDingu, Nejada +
A new perspective on word order preferences: the availability of a lexicon triggers the use of SVO word order 1-gen-2015 Marno, Hanna KatalinLangus, AlanNespor, Marina Antonella +
A new test of action verb naming: normative data from 290 italian adults 1-gen-2020 Crepaldi, D. +
New views on phototransduction from atomic force microscopy and single molecule force spectroscopy on native rods 1-gen-2017 Maity SouravIlieva NinaLaio AlessandroTorre VincentMazzolini Monica
Newborn analgesia mediated by oxytocin during delivery 1-gen-2011 Taccola, Giuliano +
The NGFR100W Mutation Specifically Impairs Nociception without Affecting Cognitive Performance in a Mouse Model of Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type V 1-gen-2019 Stefanov A.Arisi I.Heppenstall P.Capsoni S.Cattaneo A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1.023 a 1.042 di 1.629
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