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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The diversity of muscles and their regenerative potential across animals 1-gen-2020 Di Clemente A. +
DMRT5, DMRT3, and EMX2 cooperatively repress GSX2 at the pallium–subpallium boundary to maintain cortical identity in dorsal telencephalic progenitors 1-gen-2018 Mallamaci, Antonio +
Do regulatory regions matter in FOXG1 duplications? 1-gen-2013 Mallamaci, Antonio +
Docking ligands on protein surfaces: The case study of prion protein 1-gen-2009 Legname, Giuseppe +
Dominant-negative effects in prion diseases: insights from molecular dynamics simulations on mouse prion protein chimeras 1-gen-2013 Giachin, GabrieleCarloni, PaoloLegname, Giuseppe +
Domini strutturali di molecole di RNA antisenso che aumentano la traduzione 5-feb-2018 Gustincich, S.Zucchelli, S. +
Doppel-induced cerebellar degeneration in transgenic mice 1-gen-2001 Legname, G. +
The Doublesex Homolog Dmrt5 is Required for the Development of the Caudomedial Cerebral Cortex in Mammals 1-gen-2013 Mallamaci, Antonio +
A draft genome sequence of the elusive giant squid, Architeuthis dux 1-gen-2020 Sanges R. +
The Drosophila homologue of the amyloid precursor protein is a conserved modulator of Wnt PCP signaling 1-gen-2013 Soldano, Alessia +
Drosophila melanogaster as a model to study autophagy in neurodegenerative diseases induced by proteinopathies 1-gen-2023 Soldano, Alessia +
The dual action of glioma-derived exosomes on neuronal activity: synchronization and disruption of synchrony 1-gen-2022 Spelat, R.Pifferi, S.Pozzi, D.Manzati, M.Mortal, S.Schiavo, I.Spada, F.Zanchetta, M. E.Rolle, I. G.Giugliano, M.Menini, A.Torre, V. +
Duration of Purkinje cell complex spikes increases with their firing frequency 1-gen-2015 Negrello, M.Giugliano, M. +
Dye-enhanced visualization of rat whiskers for behavioral studies 1-gen-2017 Rigosa, JacopoLucantonio, AlessandroNoselli, GiovanniZorzin, ErikMANZINO, FABRIZIOPulecchi, FrancescaDiamond, Mathew Ernest +
Dynamic electrical stimulation enhances the recruitment of spinal interneurons by corticospinal input 1-gen-2024 Taccola, GiulianoApicella, Rosamaria +
Dynamic expression of ATF3 as a novel tool to study activation and migration of endogenous spinal stem cells and their role in neural repair 1-gen-2015 Mladinic, MirandaNistri, Andrea
Dynamic molecular exchange and conformational transitions of alpha-synuclein at the nano-bio interface 1-gen-2020 De Cecco, E.Legname, G. +
Dynamic synaptic modification threshold: computational model of experience-dependent plasticity in adult rat barrel cortex 1-gen-1994 Diamond, Mathew E. +
Dynamical response properties of neocortical neurons to conductance-driven time-varying inputs 1-gen-2018 Giugliano, M. +
The dynamical response properties of neocortical neurons to temporally modulated noisy inputs in vitro 1-gen-2008 Giugliano M. +
Mostrati risultati da 340 a 359 di 1.428
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