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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A benchmark calculation for the fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm: initial memberships 1-gen-2012 Rodriguez Garcia, Alejandro +
A class of second order dilation invariant inequalities 1-gen-2013 Musina, Roberta +
A comparative QM/MM study of the reaction mechanism of the Hepatitis C virus NS3/NS4A protease with the three main natural substrates NS5A/5B, NS4B/5A and NS4A/4B 1-gen-2010 Rodriguez Garcia, Alejandro +
A contribution to the structure-activity relationship in glutamate receptor ligands: 1. gamma-aminophosphonic acids do not antagonize NMDA receptors 1-gen-1993 Cherubini, Enrico +
A contribution to the structure-activity relationship in glutamate receptor ligands: 2. characterization of 2-amino-4-oxo-5-pentanoic acid as NMDA receptor antagonist. 1-gen-1993 Cherubini, Enrico +
A dynamical feedback model for adaptation in the olfactory transduction pathway. 1-gen-2012 De Palo, G.Boccaccio, A.Menini, A.Altafini, C. +
A free boundary problem involving limiting Sobolev exponents 1-gen-1987 Musina, R. +
A General Method for Non-Perturbative Renormalization of Lattice Operators 1-gen-1995 Testa, M. +
A near-infrared study of a homogeneous sample of optically selected active galactic nuclei. II. Analysis of the results and interpretation 1-gen-1992 Danese, L.De Zotti, G. +
A new perspective on cosmology in Loop Quantum Gravity 1-gen-2013 ALESCI, Emanuele +
A note on secants of Grassmannians 1-gen-2013 Boralevi, Ada
A note on the paper "Optimizing improved Hardy inequalities" by S. Filippas and A. Tertikas 1-gen-2009 Musina, Roberta
A Novel Iterative Strategy for Protein Design 1-gen-2000 Rossi, A.Maritan, A.Micheletti, C.
A quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics study of the reaction mechanism of the hepatitis C virus NS3 protease with the NS5A/5B substrate 1-gen-2007 Rodriguez Garcia, Alejandro +
A stabilization mechanism of zirconia based on oxygen vacancies only 1-gen-2002 Fabris, Stefano +
A1 adenosine receptor modulation of chemically and electrically evoked lumbar locomotor network activity in isolated newborn rat spinal cords 1-gen-2012 Taccola, GiulianoOlivieri, Dario +
The A4, S4 and A5 flavor symmetries in light of data on neutrino mixing 1-gen-2018 Petcov S. T. +
Ab initio and thermodynamic study of the Cr-Re system 1-gen-2010 Palumbo, M. +
Ab initio ballistic conductance with spin-orbit coupling: Application to monoatomic wires 1-gen-2006 Dal Corso, AndreaTosatti, Erio +
Ab initio calculation of phonon dispersions in semiconductors 1-gen-1991 Giannozzi, P.De Gironcoli, S.Baroni, S. +
Mostrati risultati da 17 a 36 di 5.945
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