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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Atomistic structure of cobalt-phosphate nanoparticles for catalytic water oxidation 1-gen-2012 Laio, AlessandroFabris, Stefano +
Carbon Nanotubes Instruct Physiological Growth and Functionally Mature Syncytia: Nongenetic Engineering of Cardiac Myocytes 1-gen-2013 Cellot, GiadaToma, Francesca MariaGiacca, MauroTurco, AlessandroBallerini, Laura +
Chemically Cross-Linked Carbon Nanotube Films Engineered to Control Neuronal Signaling 1-gen-2019 Rauti, RossanaBallerini, Laura +
Diverse Applications of Nanomedicine 1-gen-2017 Ashraf, S.Ballerini, L.Du, J.Oliveira, J.Yue, Zhenzhu +
Electron Transfer Mediating Properties of Hydrocarbons as a Function of Chain Length: A Differential Scanning Conductive Tip Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation 1-gen-2008 Scaini, Denis +
Environmental and Health Impacts of Graphene and Other Two-Dimensional Materials: A Graphene Flagship Perspective 1-gen-2024 Cellot, GiadaBallerini, Laura +
Oriented immobilization of prion protein demonstrated via precise interfacial nanostructure measurements 1-gen-2010 Sanavio, BarbaraScaini, DenisLegname, GiuseppeScoles, Giacinto +
Safety Assessment of Graphene-Based Materials: Focus on Human Health and the Environment 1-gen-2018 Scaini, DenisBallerini, Laura +
Spinal cord explants use carbon nanotube interfaces toenhance neurite outgrowth and to fortify synaptic inputs 1-gen-2012 Fabbro A.Laishram J.Scaini D.Toma F. M.Turco A.Ballerini L. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 9 di 9
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