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Cross-correlation between the CMB Lensing Potential Measured by Planck and High-z Submillimeter Galaxies Detected by the Herschel-Atlas Survey 1-gen-2015 Bianchini, FedericoBielewicz, PawelLapi, AndreaBaccigalupi, CarloDe Zotti, GianfrancoDanese, LuigiNegrello, Mattia +
Cross-correlation of cmb polarization lensing with high-z submillimeter Herschel-Atlas galaxies 1-gen-2019 Baccigalupi C.Krachmalnicoff N.Poletti D. +
A cross-correlation study of the Fermi-LAT γ-ray diffuse extragalactic signal 1-gen-2011 Viel, Matteo +
Cross-correlations of the Lyα forest with weak-lensing convergence. analytical estimates of signal-to-noise ratio and implications for neutrino mass and dark energy 1-gen-2011 Viel, Matteo +
Cross-linguistic exploration of phonemic representations 17-dic-2018 Kaya, Zeynep Gokcen
Cross-modal interactions between olfaction and vision when grasping 1-gen-2006 Castiello, UmbertoPARMA, Valentina +
Cross-sectional imaging of sharp Si interlayers embedded in gallium arsenide 1-gen-2006 Baroni, S. +
Cross-talk between sensory neurons and non-neuronal cells in trigeminal ganglia of a migraine mouse model 4-apr-2012 Franceschini, Alessia
Crossing invariant correlation functions at c = 1 from isomonodromic τ functions 1-gen-2019 Gavrylenko, Pavlo +
Crossing probability and number of crossing clusters in off-critical percolation 1-gen-2012 Delfino, Gesualdo +
Crossover behavior in three-dimensional dilute spin systems 1-gen-2004 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Crossover from adiabatic to antiadiabatic quantum pumping with dissipation 1-gen-2011 Pellegrini, FrancoSantoro, Giuseppe ErnestoTosatti, Erio +
Crossover from fast to slow dynamics in a long range interacting Ising chain 1-gen-2019 Piccitto, GiuliaSilva, Alessandro
Crossover from random-exchange to random-field critical behavior in Ising models 1-gen-2003 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Crucial role of Jahn-Teller distortions in LaMnO(3) 1-gen-2001 Capone, Massimo +
Crucial role of Jahn-Teller distortions in stabilizing magnetic ordering in insulating manganite phases 1-gen-2001 Capone, Massimo +
Crucial stages of protein folding through a solvable model: Predicting target sites for enzyme-inhibiting drugs 1-gen-2002 Micheletti, C.Cecconi, F.Flammini, A.Maritan, A.
Crystalline evolutions with rapidly oscillating forcing terms 1-gen-2020 Braides, AndreaMalusa, AnnalisaNovaga, Matteo
Crystalline Motion of Interfaces Between Patterns 1-gen-2016 Braides A.Cicalese M. +
Mostrati risultati da 2.383 a 2.402 di 13.513
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