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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Flavor Changing Neutral Current Solutions to the Solar Neutrino Problem 21-ott-1991 -
Flavor changing neutral currents in N=1 supergravity models 1-ott-1986 -
Flavor from partially resolved singularities 1-gen-2006 Bonelli, G. +
Flavor physics in SO(10) GUTs with suppressed proton decay due to gauged discrete symmetry 1-gen-2011 Azatov, Aleksandr
Flavor physics in SO(10) GUTs with suppressed proton decay due to gauged discrete symmetry 1-gen-2008 Azatov, A. +
Flavor physics in the quark sector 1-gen-2010 Martinelli, Guido +
Flavor physics of leptons and dipole moments 1-gen-2008 Petkov, Serguey TodorovRomanino, Andrea +
Flavor symmetry L-e-L-mu-L-tau, atmospheric neutrino mixing, and CP violation in the lepton sector 1-gen-2005 Petkov, ST +
Flavor-violation tests of the warped/composite standard model in the two-site approach 1-gen-2009 Aleksandr Azatov +
Flavour from accidental symmetries 1-gen-2006 Romanino, Andrea +
Flavour Models, R-symmetries and non-Abelian Vortices in Supersymmetric Theories 17-set-2008 Ferretti, Luca
Flavour physics, flavour symmetries, supersymmetry and unification 1-gen-1997 Romanino, Andrea +
Flavour violation in supersymmetric SO(10) unification with a type II seesaw mechanism 1-gen-2009 Romanino, Andrea +
Flavour-selective localization in interacting lattice fermions 1-gen-2022 Baumann K.Del Re L.Inguscio M.Capone M.Fallani L. +
Flexible docking in solution using metadynamics 1-gen-2005 Gervasio, F. L.Laio, A. +
Floating bonds and gap states in a-Si and a-Si : H from first principles calculations 1-gen-1999 De Gironcoli, S. +
Floquet resonances close to the adiabatic limit and the effect of dissipation 1-gen-2017 Russomanno, AngeloSantoro, Giuseppe E.
Floquet time crystals in clock models 1-gen-2019 Surace, Federica MariaRussomanno, AngeloDalmonte, MarcelloSilva, AlessandroFazio, Rosario +
Flory theory of randomly branched polymers 1-gen-2017 Rosa, Angelo +
Flow equation for f(R) gravity and some of its exact solutions 1-gen-2015 Percacci, Roberto +
Mostrati risultati da 4.365 a 4.384 di 13.404
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