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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
GPU-based optical simulation of the DARWIN detector 1-gen-2022 Aprile, ETrotta, RVetter, S +
Graded-response neurons and information encodings in autoassociative memories 1-gen-1990 Treves, Alessandro
Gradient bounds for minimizers of free discontinuity problems related to cohesive zone models in fracture mechanics 1-gen-2008 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Gradient critical phenomena in the Ising quantum chain: surface behaviour 1-gen-2009 Collura, Mario +
A Gradient Flow Equation for Optimal Control Problems With End-point Cost 1-gen-2022 Scagliotti, A
Gradient flows : in metric spaces and in the space of probability measures 1-gen-2005 Gigli, Nicola +
Grammar as the freezing of a Potts glass 1-gen-2015 Vezha BoboevaRitwik KulkarniAlessandro Treves
A Grand Design for Galaxy Clusters: Connections and Predictions 1-gen-2011 Lapi, A. +
A graph convolutional autoencoder approach to model order reduction for parametrized PDEs 1-gen-2024 Pichi, Federico +
Graphene Improves the Biocompatibility of Polyacrylamide Hydrogels: 3D Polymeric Scaffolds for Neuronal Growth 1-gen-2017 Rauti, RossanaBallerini, Laura +
Graphene oxide flakes tune excitatory neurotransmission in vivo by targeting hippocampal synapses 1-gen-2019 Rauti, RossanaMedelin, ManuelaBallerini, Laura +
Graphene oxide nanoflakes enable targeting dysfunctional synaptic plasticity in the amygdala 7-dic-2022 Pati, Elisa
Graphene oxide nanosheets modulate spinal glutamatergic transmission and modify locomotor behaviour in an in vivo zebrafish model 1-gen-2020 Cellot, G. +
Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Reduce Astrocyte Reactivity to Inflammation and Ameliorate Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis 1-gen-2023 Di Mauro, GiuseppeAmoriello, RobertaCellot, GiadaBallerini, Laura +
Graphene Oxide Nanosheets Reshape Synaptic Function in Cultured Brain Networks 1-gen-2016 Rauti, RossanaScaini, DenisMusto, MattiaUlloa Severino, Francesco PaoloBallerini, Laura +
Graphene oxide prevents lateral amygdala dysfunctional synaptic plasticity and reverts long lasting anxiety behavior in rats 1-gen-2021 Franceschi Biagioni A.Cellot G.Pati E.Casani R.Ballerini L. +
Graphene-Based Interfaces Do Not Alter Target Nerve Cells 1-gen-2016 Scaini, DenisCellot, GiadaBallerini, Laura +
Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Neuroengineering: Recent Advances and Future Prospective 1-gen-2021 Rauti R.Scaini D.Ballerini L. +
Graphene-Based Smart Nanomaterials: Novel Opportunities for Biology and Neuroengineering 1-gen-2016 Giugliano, M. +
Grasping a fruit. Hands do what flavour says 1-gen-2011 PARMA, Valentina +
Mostrati risultati da 5.089 a 5.108 di 13.511
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