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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
State-dependent changes in perception and coding in the mouse somatosensory cortex 1-gen-2020 Diamond M. E.Arabzadeh E. +
Static and dynamic friction in sliding colloidal monolayers 1-gen-2012 Tosatti, Erio +
Static and dynamic properties of knotted biopolymers: from bulk to nanochannels and nanopores 18-ott-2017 Suma, Antonio
Static and dynamic structure factors in three-dimensional randomly diluted Ising models 1-gen-2008 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Static and Dynamical Correlation in Diradical Molecules by Quantum Monte Carlo Using the Jastrow Antisymmetrized Geminal Power Ansatz 1-gen-2014 Sorella, Sandro +
Static and dynamical properties of frustrated spin models 25-ott-2019 Ferrari, Francesco
Static friction on the fly: Velocity depinning transitions of lubricants in motion 1-gen-2007 Santoro, Giuseppe ErnestoTosatti, Erio +
Static friction scaling of physisorbed islands: the key is in the edge 1-gen-2015 Vanossi, AndreaGuerra, RobertoMandelli, DavideCapozza, RosarioTosatti, Erio +
Static isolated horizons: SU(2) invariant phase space, quantization, and black hole entropy 1-gen-2011 Pranzetti, Daniele +
Static properties of two linearly coupled discrete circuits 1-gen-2021 Richaud, A +
Static versus dynamical mean-field theory of Mott antiferromagnets 1-gen-2006 Capone, Massimo +
Static versus dynamical mean-field theory of Mott antiferromagnets (vol 73, art no 205121, 2006) 1-gen-2007 Capone, Massimo +
Statics and dynamics of physical linking: from confined polymers to chromatin filaments 20-ott-2020 Amici, Giulia
Stationary entanglement entropies following an interaction quench in 1D Bose gas 1-gen-2014 Collura, M.Kormos, M.Calabrese, P.
Stationary entropies after a quench from excited states in the Ising chain 1-gen-2014 Kormos, MartonCalabrese, Pasquale +
Stationary spacetimes with time-dependent real scalar fields 1-gen-2021 Franzin, Edgardo +
Stationary states for a two-dimensional singular Schrödinger equation 1-gen-2001 Musina, Roberta +
Statistica per le scienze del comportamento 1-gen-2009 Crepaldi, Davide
Statistical abstraction for multi-scale spatio-temporal systems 1-gen-2019 Sanguinetti G. +
Statistical analysis of Potts neural networks and latching dynamics 23-ott-2023 RYOM, KWANG IL
Mostrati risultati da 10.998 a 11.017 di 12.777
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