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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Supermassive black hole demography: the match between the local and accreted mass functions 1-gen-2004 Salucci, PaoloDe Zotti, GianfrancoDanese, Luigi +
Supermassive black holes in the center of disk galaxies 1-gen-2003 Danese, LuigiSalucci, Paolo +
SuperModel Analysis of A1246 and J255: On the Evolution of Galaxy Clusters from High to Low Entropy States 1-gen-2015 Lapi, Andrea +
Supermodel analysis of galaxy clusters 1-gen-2010 Lapi, Andrea +
Supermodel Analysis of Galaxy Clusters 1-gen-2009 Lapi, A. +
Supermodel Analysis of the Hard X-ray Excess in the Coma Cluster 1-gen-2011 Lapi, A. +
The supermodel of the intracluster plasma 1-gen-2011 Lapi, Andrea +
Supermoduli and superstrings 1-gen-1990 Reina, Cesare +
The supermoduli of SUSY curves with Ramond punctures 1-gen-2021 Bruzzo, U. +
Supernova kicks and dynamics of compact remnants in the Galactic Centre 1-gen-2017 Spera M. +
Superradiance in deformed Kerr black holes 1-gen-2021 Edgardo FranzinStefano Liberati +
Superradiance in Kerr-like black holes 1-gen-2021 Franzin, E.Liberati, S. +
Supersonic discrete kink-solitons and sinusoidal patterns with "magic" wave number in anharmonic lattices 1-gen-2004 Ruffo, S +
Superstring perturbation theory up to two loops and beyond 27-ott-1989 -
Superstring scattering amplitudes and covariant vertex operators on Riemann surfaces of arbitrary genus 13-lug-1988 -
Supersymmetric 3-branes on smooth ALE manifolds with flux 1-gen-2001 Bertolini, M. +
Supersymmetric born-infeld Lagrangians 1-gen-1987 Cecotti, Sergio +
Supersymmetric Field Theoretic Models Beyond the Tree Level 6-dic-1983 -
Supersymmetric field theories : geometric structures and dualities 1-gen-2015 Cecotti, Sergio
Supersymmetric Field Theories and Isomonodromic Deformations 11-set-2020 Del Monte, Fabrizio
Mostrati risultati da 11.967 a 11.986 di 13.404
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