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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Unified role of Green's function poles and zeros in correlated topological insulators 1-gen-2023 Blason, AndreaFabrizio, Michele
Unified theories with U(2) flavor symmetry 1-gen-1997 Romanino, Andrea +
Unified understanding of superconductivity and Mott transition in alkali-doped fullerides from first principles 1-gen-2015 Capone, Massimo +
Uniform spaces of countable type 1-gen-1970 Vidossich, G.
Uniformization, accessory parameters and modular forms 24-mar-2020 Bogo, Gabriele
A unifying Bayesian account of contextual effects in value-based choice 1-gen-2017 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Unifying models for X-ray selected and radio selected BL Lac objects 1-gen-1997 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
A unifying theoretical scheme for gamma-ray bright blazars 1-gen-1998 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
A unifying view of Gamma-Ray Burst afterglows 1-gen-2009 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
Unifying view of mechanical and functional hotspots across class A GPCRs 1-gen-2017 Ponzoni, LucaGiorgetti, AlejandroCarloni, PaoloMicheletti, Cristian +
A unifying view of the spectral energy distributions of blazars 1-gen-1998 Celotti, Anna Lisa +
A Unifying View on Blazars 27-ott-1998 -
Unimodular quantum gravity and the cosmological constant 1-gen-2018 Percacci, R.
Uninformative memories will prevail: the storage of correlated representations and its consequences 1-gen-2007 Treves, A. +
Unique Structural Features of Mule Deer Prion Protein Provide Insights into Chronic Wasting Disease 1-gen-2019 Salzano G.Legname G. +
Uniqueness and Continuous Dependence for 2x2 Conservation Laws 21-giu-1995 -
Uniqueness and continuous dependence for a viscoelastic problem with memory in domains with time dependent cracks 1-gen-2021 Cianci F.Dal Maso G.
Uniqueness and continuous dependence on boundary data for integro-extremal minimizers of the functional of the gradient 1-gen-2007 Zagatti, Sandro
Uniqueness and Optimal Stability for the Determination of Multiple Defects by Electrostatic Measurements 22-ott-1999 Rondi, Luca
Uniqueness of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations arising in the Calculus of Variations 1-gen-2001 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Mostrati risultati da 13.018 a 13.037 di 13.511
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