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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Fixation properties of subdivided populations with balancing selection 1-gen-2015 Lombardo, PierangeloGambassi, AndreaDall'Asta, Luca
A fixed point theorem for function spaces 1-gen-1971 Vidossich, Giovanni
Fixed Points of Higher Derivative Gravity 1-gen-2006 Percacci, Roberto +
Fixed points of nonlinear sigma models in d > 2 1-gen-2009 Percacci, R. +
Fixed-point structure and effective fractional dimensionality for O(N) models with long-range interactions 1-gen-2015 DEFENU NTrombettoni, Andrea +
Fixing moduli in exact type IIA flux vacua 1-gen-2007 Benini, F. +
Fixing moduli in exact type IIA flux vacua 1-gen-2007 Benini, F. +
Fixing the dynamical evolution in scalar-Gauss-Bonnet gravity 1-gen-2022 Franchini, NBarausse, E +
Flash photolysis of caged compounds in the cilia of olfactory sensory neurons. 1-gen-2011 Menini, Anna +
Flat bundles, von Neumann algebras and K-theory with R/Z-coefficients 1-gen-2014 ANTONINI, Paolo +
Flat potentials in higher derivative supergravity 1-gen-1987 Cecotti, Sergio +
Flat rotation curves of z ∼ 1 star-forming galaxies 1-gen-2021 Sharma, GauriSalucci, PaoloHarrison, C. M.Lapi, Andrea +
Flat tree-level inflationary potentials in the light of cosmic microwave background and large scale structure data 1-gen-2008 Trotta R. +
Flavor from partially resolved singularities 1-gen-2006 Bonelli, G. +
Flavor physics in SO(10) GUTs with suppressed proton decay due to gauged discrete symmetry 1-gen-2008 Azatov, A. +
Flavor physics in the quark sector 1-gen-2010 Martinelli, Guido +
Flavor physics of leptons and dipole moments 1-gen-2008 Petkov, Serguey TodorovRomanino, Andrea +
Flavor symmetry L-e-L-mu-L-tau, atmospheric neutrino mixing, and CP violation in the lepton sector 1-gen-2005 Petkov, ST +
Flavor-violation tests of the warped/composite standard model in the two-site approach 1-gen-2009 Aleksandr Azatov +
Flavour from accidental symmetries 1-gen-2006 Romanino, Andrea +
Mostrati risultati da 3.120 a 3.139 di 9.493
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