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Nome #
MicroMotility: State of the art, recent accomplishments and perspectives on the mathematical modeling of bio-motility at microscopic scales, file dd8a4bf8-a2fb-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 107
Topological Constraints in Eukaryotic Genomes and How They Can Be Exploited to Improve Spatial Models of Chromosomes, file dd8a4bf8-9b6d-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 33
Discovering privileged topologies of molecular knots with self-assembling models, file dd8a4bf8-3e60-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 30
KymoKnot: A web server and software package to identify and locate knots in trajectories of linear or circular polymers, file dd8a4bf8-44e9-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 26
Spatial confinement induces hairpins in nicked circular DNA, file dd8a4bf7-63f7-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 25
Hi-C-constrained physical models of human chromosomes recover functionally-related properties of genome organization, file dd8a4bf7-3425-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 21
Mechanical pulling of linked ring polymers: Elastic response and link localisation, file dd8a4bf7-cdd1-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 20
Elastic network models for RNA: a comparative assessment with molecular dynamics and SHAPE experiments, file dd8a4bf7-147e-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 19
Unifying view of mechanical and functional hotspots across class A GPCRs, file dd8a4bf7-3684-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 19
Physical Links: Defining and detecting inter-chain entanglement, file dd8a4bf7-c7e4-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 19
The role of non-native interactions in the folding of knotted proteins: insights from molecular dynamics simulations, file dd8a4bf7-3f49-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 15
Dynamics of supercoiled DNA with complex knots: large-scale rearrangements and persistent multi-strand interlocking, file dd8a4bf8-3e5e-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 15
Transcriptional supercoiling boosts topoisomerase II-mediated knotting of intracellular DNA, file dd8a4bf8-aef6-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 15
Polymer Physics by Quantum Computing, file dd8a4bf9-0db0-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 15
Efficient sampling of knotting-unknotting pathways for semiflexible Gaussian chains, file dd8a4bf7-cdd3-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 13
Directional translocation resistance of Zika xrRNA, file dd8a4bf8-c82c-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 9
Topological Friction and Relaxation Dynamics of Spatially Confined Catenated Polymers, file dd8a4bf9-0f29-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 9
Colocalization of coregulated genes: a steered molecular dynamics study of human chromosome 19, file dd8a4bf7-15d7-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
Mechanical and Assembly Units of Viral Capsids Identified via Quasi-Rigid Domain Decomposition, file dd8a4bf7-1921-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
Knotted vs. Unknotted Proteins: Evidence of Knot-Promoting Loops, file dd8a4bf7-1c93-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
Self-assembly of knots and links, file dd8a4bf7-6054-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
Dynamics of supercoiled DNA with complex knots: large-scale rearrangements and persistent multi-strand interlocking, file dd8a4bf8-4a69-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
RNA Pore Translocation with Static and Periodic Forces: Effect of Secondary and Tertiary Elements on Process Activation and Duration, file dd8a4bf9-0f20-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 7
McGenus: A Monte Carlo algorithm to predict RNA secondary structures with pseudoknots, file dd8a4bf7-1bef-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 5
The elusive quest for RNA knots, file dd8a4bf7-5830-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 5
Bimodality in the knotting probability of semiflexible rings suggested by mapping with self-avoiding polygons, file dd8a4bf8-3e62-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 5
Linking of Ring Polymers in Slit-Like Confinement, file dd8a4bf7-5aea-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 4
Folding Pathways of a Knotted Protein with a Realistic Atomistic Force Field, file dd8a4bf7-de51-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 4
Compactness of viral genomes: Effect of disperse and localized random mutations, file dd8a4bf7-e09a-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 4
Topological and physical links in soft matter systems, file dd8a4bf9-0f27-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 4
Structure and dynamics of ring polymers: entanglement effects because of solution density and ring topology, file dd8a4bf7-27d4-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
Sorting ring polymers by knot type with modulated nanochannels, file dd8a4bf7-3680-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
How to fold intricately: using theory and experiments to unravel the properties of knotted proteins, file dd8a4bf7-3686-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
Pore translocation of knotted DNA rings, file dd8a4bf7-6052-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
Exact and Efficient Sampling of Conditioned Walks, file dd8a4bf7-cdcf-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
Separation of Geometrical and Topological Entanglement in Confined Polymers Driven out of Equilibrium, file dd8a4bf8-d0bb-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 3
Crucial stages of protein folding through a solvable model: Predicting target sites for enzyme-inhibiting drugs, file dd8a4bf7-1097-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Optimal Langevin modeling of out-of-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations, file dd8a4bf7-140b-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Essential dynamics of helices provide a functional classification of EF-hand proteins, file dd8a4bf7-178f-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Pore Translocation of Knotted Polymer Chains: How Friction Depends on Knot Complexity, file dd8a4bf7-197d-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
The knotted strands of life, file dd8a4bf7-1c06-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Knotted vs. Unknotted Proteins: Evidence of Knot-Promoting Loops, file dd8a4bf7-1c92-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Knotted vs. Unknotted Proteins: Evidence of Knot-Promoting Loops, file dd8a4bf7-1c94-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Tuning knot abundance in semiflexible chains with crowders of different sizes: a Monte Carlo study of DNA chains, file dd8a4bf7-3d83-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
SPECTRUS: A Dimensionality Reduction Approach for Identifying Dynamical Domains in Protein Complexes from Limited Structural Datasets, file dd8a4bf7-5fa6-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Self-assembling knots of controlled topology by designing the geometry of patchy templates, file dd8a4bf7-5ff1-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
RNA Conformational Fluctuations from Elastic Network Models: A Comparison with Molecular Dynamics and Shape Experiments, file dd8a4bf7-646e-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Electric-Field-Driven Trapping of Polyelectrolytes in Needle-like Backfolded States, file dd8a4bf8-3e5c-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Tunable Knot Segregation in Copolyelectrolyte Rings Carrying a Neutral Segment, file dd8a4bf9-0f25-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 2
Hybridization in Nanostructured DNA Monolayers Probed by AFM: Theory Versus Experiment, file dd8a4bf7-0fdb-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Structural and dynamical alignment of enzymes with partial structural similarity, file dd8a4bf7-1120-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Structure and dynamics of ring polymers: entanglement effects because of solution density and ring topology, file dd8a4bf7-11c8-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
PiSQRD: a web server for decomposing proteins into quasi-rigid dynamical domains, file dd8a4bf7-136c-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Using dynamics-based comparisons to predict nucleic acid binding sites in proteins: an application to OB-fold domains, file dd8a4bf7-13a3-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Coarse-grained description of protein internal dynamics: An optimal strategy for decomposing proteins in rigid subunits, file dd8a4bf7-1420-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Nonkinetic modeling of the mechanical unfolding of multimodular proteins: theory and experiments, file dd8a4bf7-152a-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Knotting of linear DNA in nano-slits and nano-channels: a numerical study, file dd8a4bf7-173f-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Conformational Fluctuations of UreG, an Intrinsically Disordered Enzyme, file dd8a4bf7-175f-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Spontaneous knotting and unknotting of flexible linear polymers: equilibrium and kinetic aspects, file dd8a4bf7-1761-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
The Role of Non-Native Interactions in the Folding of Knotted Proteins, file dd8a4bf7-1848-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Topological jamming of spontaneously knotted polyelectrolyte chains driven through a nanopore, file dd8a4bf7-195c-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Comparing proteins by their internal dynamics: Exploring structure-function relationships beyond static structural alignments, file dd8a4bf7-1c73-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Computational Study of the DNA-Binding Protein Helicobacter pylori NikR: The Role of Ni2+, file dd8a4bf7-1d09-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Thermodynamics of DNA packaging inside a viral capsid: The role of DNA intrinsic thickness, file dd8a4bf7-1d14-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Topological friction strongly affects viral DNA ejection, file dd8a4bf7-1ea8-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Continuum model for polymers with finite thickness, file dd8a4bf7-1eab-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Polymers with spatial or topological constraints: Theoretical and computational results, file dd8a4bf7-268c-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Optimal Self-Assembly of Linked Constructs and Catenanes via Spatial Confinement, file dd8a4bf7-3428-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Tuning knot abundance in semiflexible chains with crowders of different sizes: a Monte Carlo study of DNA chains, file dd8a4bf7-342a-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Molecular Crowding Increases Knots Abundance in Linear Polymers, file dd8a4bf7-5629-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Knotting dynamics of DNA chains of different length confined in nanochannels, file dd8a4bf7-5c1e-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Stretching Response of Knotted and Unknotted Polymer Chains, file dd8a4bf7-5fa8-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Synonymous Mutations Reduce Genome Compactness in Icosahedral ssRNA Viruses, file dd8a4bf7-5fe9-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Electric Field Controlled Columnar and Planar Patterning of Cholesteric Colloids, file dd8a4bf7-5fed-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Absence of knots in known RNA structures, file dd8a4bf7-607e-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Non-monotonic knotting probability and knot length of semiflexible rings: The competing roles of entropy and bending energy, file dd8a4bf7-cdcc-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
essHi-C: Essential component analysis of Hi-C matrices, file dd8a4bf9-0c47-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
Unfolding and Translocation of Knotted Proteins by Clp Biological Nanomachines: Synergistic Contribution of Primary Sequence and Topology Revealed by Molecular Dynamics Simulations, file dd8a4bf9-0c49-20a0-e053-d805fe0a8cb0 1
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