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From Luttinger liquid to Mott insulator: The correct low-energy description of the one-dimensional Hubbard model by an unbiased variational approach 1-gen-2005 Becca, FedericoFabrizio, MicheleSorella, Sandro +
From Misfolded Recombinant Proteins in vitro to Pathological Agents in vivo 27-mar-2014 Le, Tran Thanh Nhat
From neuropsychology to mental structure 1-gen-1988 Shallice, Timothy
From nonlinear to linearized elasticity via Gamma-convergence: the case of multiwell energies satisfying weak coercivity conditions 1-gen-2015 Agostiniani, Virginia +
From pheromones to behavior 1-gen-2009 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
From regular black holes to horizonless objects: quasi-normal modes, instabilities and spectroscopy 1-gen-2024 Franzin, E.Liberati, S.Vellucci, V.
From Sasaki-Einstein spaces to quivers via BPS geodesics: L**p,q|r 1-gen-2006 Benvenuti, S. +
From splenic anemia in infancy to microcythemia. The Italian contribution to the description of the genetic bases of Thalassemia. 1-gen-2005 Canali, Stefano
From the quantum transfer matrix to the quench action: the Loschmidt echo in XXZ Heisenberg spin chains 1-gen-2017 Piroli, LorenzoVernier, Eric +
From the Richness of the Signal to the Poverty of the Stimulus: Mechanisms of Early Language Acquisition 19-set-2007 Gervain, Judit
From the sine-Gordon field theory to the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang growth equation 1-gen-2014 Calabrese, PasqualeKormos, MartonLe Doussal, Pierre Yves Jacques
From the sinh-Gordon field theory to the one-dimensional Bose gas: exact local correlations and full counting statistics 1-gen-2018 Bastianello, AlvisePiroli, Lorenzo
Frontal lesions and sustained attention 1-gen-1987 Shallice, Timothy +
Frontiers of metal-coordinating drug design 1-gen-2020 Palermo G.Magistrato A. +
Frontostriatal Circuits and Selection of Task-Relevant Information 14-mag-2009 Crescentini, Cristiano
Fuel burnup analysis of the TRIGA Mark II reactor at the University of Pavia 1-gen-2016 Cammi, A.Sartori, A. +
Fuel burnup modelization with the Monte Carlo code MCNP5 and core reconfiguration prediction for the Triga Mark II reactor at the University of Pavia 1-gen-2014 Cammi, AntonioSARTORI, AlbertoZanetti, Marco +
Full counting statistics and symmetry resolved entanglement for free conformal theories with interface defects 1-gen-2023 Capizzi, LucaMurciano, SaraCalabrese, Pasquale
Full counting statistics as probe of measurement-induced transitions in the quantum Ising chain 1-gen-2023 Tirrito, EmanueleSantini, AlessandroCollura, Mario +
Full counting statistics in the gapped XXZ spin chain 1-gen-2020 Calabrese, P.Collura, M.Di Giulio, G.Murciano, S.
Mostrati risultati da 1.918 a 1.937 di 5.884
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