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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Neurogenic Radial Glia-like Cells in Meninges Migrate and Differentiate into Functionally Integrated Neurons in the Neonatal Cortex 1-gen-2017 Giugliano, M. +
Neuroinflammation and inhibitory synaptic control of cultured premotor circuits 12-giu-2018 Giacco, Vincenzo
Neuron-glia interactions and neuroinflammation: in vitro approaches to elucidate spinal cord disorders pathophysiology 15-gen-2021 Panattoni, Giulia
Neuronal Correlates of Tactile Working Memory in Prefrontal and Vibrissal Somatosensory Cortex 1-gen-2019 Esmaeili, V.Diamond, M. E.
Neurons Are Able to Internalize Soluble Carbon Nanotubes: New Opportunities or Old Risks? 1-gen-2010 Cellot, G.Ballerini, L. +
Neurotrophic factors in the aging brain 1-gen-1991 Ballerini, L. +
A new approach to follow a single extracellular vesicle-cell interaction using optical tweezers 1-gen-2016 Amin, LadanLegname, Giuseppe +
New generation of nanostructured sensors and electrodes to bypass CNS lesions 15-gen-2021 Calaresu, Ivo
New insights into structural determinants of prion protein folding and stability 1-gen-2015 Benetti, FedericoLegname, Giuseppe
The NGFR100W Mutation Specifically Impairs Nociception without Affecting Cognitive Performance in a Mouse Model of Hereditary Sensory and Autonomic Neuropathy Type V 1-gen-2019 Stefanov A.Arisi I.Heppenstall P.Capsoni S.Cattaneo A. +
NMR structure of the human prion protein with the pathological Q212P mutation reveals unique structural features 1-gen-2010 Giachin, GabrieleLegname, Giuseppe +
NMR structure of the human prion protein with the pathological Q212P mutation: insights into inherited human prion diseases 1-gen-2011 Giachin, GabrieleBenetti, FedericoLegname, Giuseppe +
No evidence for age-related alterations in the marmoset retina 1-gen-2022 Reinhard, Katja +
Non-monotonic current-to-rate response function in a novel integrate-and-fire model neuron 1-gen-2002 Giugliano, M. +
The non-octarepeat copper binding site of the prion protein is a key regulator of prion conversion 1-gen-2015 Giachin, G.Mai, P. T.Tran, T. H.Salzano, G.Benetti, F.Legname, G. +
Novel Approaches to Diagnosis and Therapy in Neurodegenerative Diseases 1-gen-2015 Legname, Giuseppe
Novel Chloride Dependent GABA-mediated Responses in Developing Rat Hippocampus and in Cultured Cerebellar Granule Cells 18-dic-1995 -
Novel insights on the physiological roles of the Stomatin-like protein-3 and the Calcium-activated chloride channel TMEM16A in the mouse olfactory epithelium 21-dic-2020 Agostinelli, Emilio
A novel mutation in a Brazilian patient with glycogen storage disease type 1a 1-gen-1998 de Castro Reis, F. +
De novo prions 1-gen-2010 Legname, Giuseppe +
Mostrati risultati da 308 a 327 di 535
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