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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Unfolding and identification of membrane proteins in situ In corso di stampa Galvanetto, NicolaYe, ZhongjieMarchesi, ArinMortal, SimoneMaity, SouravLaio, AlessandroTorre, Vincent
The use of dendrograms to describe the electrical activity of motoneurons underlying behaviors in leeches 1-gen-2013 Torre, Vincent +
Use of intracellular antibodies to study the cellular biology of neuronal cells 24-nov-2003 Pastore, Giada
The use of optical flow to characterize muscle contraction 1-gen-2001 Zoccolan, Davide FrancoTorre, Vincent +
Using optical flow to characterize sensory-motor interactions in a segment of the medicinal leech 1-gen-2002 Zoccolan, Davide FrancoTorre, Vincent
A versatile Segmentation Procedure 1-gen-2006 Torre, Vincent +
Vibrissal texture decoding 1-gen-2016 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Visual properties of human retinal ganglion cells 1-gen-2021 Reinhard, Katja +
Visual Tactile Integration in Rats and Underlying Neuronal Mechanisms 17-dic-2015 Nikbakht Nasrabadi, Nader
The voltage dependence of the TMEM16B/anoctamin2 calcium-activated chloride channel is modified by mutations in the first putative intracellular loop 1-gen-2012 Cenedese, ValentinaCelsi, FulvioPifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
Vomeronasal receptors and signal transduction in the vomeronasal organ of mammals 1-gen-2014 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
'Where' and 'what' in the whisker sensorimotor system 1-gen-2008 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Whisker-mediated texture discrimination 1-gen-2008 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Whisking and whisker kinematics during a texture classification task 1-gen-2011 Zuo, YanfangDiamond, Mathew Ernest +
White matter structure and myelin-related gene expression alterations with experience in adult rats 1-gen-2020 Diamond, M. E. +
Whole blood gene expression profiling in preclinical and clinical cattle infected with atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy 1-gen-2016 Xerxa, ElenaBarbisin, MauraKrmac, HelenaVatta, PaoloLegname, Giuseppe +
α-Synuclein strains cause distinct synucleinopathies after local and systemic administration 1-gen-2015 Giugliano, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 519 a 535 di 535
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