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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A versatile Segmentation Procedure 1-gen-2006 Torre, Vincent +
Vibrissal texture decoding 1-gen-2016 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Visual Tactile Integration in Rats and Underlying Neuronal Mechanisms 17-dic-2015 Nikbakht Nasrabadi, Nader
The voltage dependence of the TMEM16B/anoctamin2 calcium-activated chloride channel is modified by mutations in the first putative intracellular loop 1-gen-2012 Cenedese, ValentinaCelsi, FulvioPifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
Vomeronasal receptors and signal transduction in the vomeronasal organ of mammals 1-gen-2014 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
'Where' and 'what' in the whisker sensorimotor system 1-gen-2008 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Whisker-mediated texture discrimination 1-gen-2008 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Whisking and whisker kinematics during a texture classification task 1-gen-2011 Zuo, YanfangDiamond, Mathew Ernest +
White matter structure and myelin-related gene expression alterations with experience in adult rats 1-gen-2020 Diamond, M. E. +
Whole blood gene expression profiling in preclinical and clinical cattle infected with atypical bovine spongiform encephalopathy 1-gen-2016 Xerxa, ElenaBarbisin, MauraKrmac, HelenaVatta, PaoloLegname, Giuseppe +
α-Synuclein strains cause distinct synucleinopathies after local and systemic administration 1-gen-2015 Giugliano, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 466 a 476 di 476
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