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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Obstacle Problems for Monotone Operators with Measure Data 22-ott-1999 Leone, Chiara
On $C^*$-Algebras associated to Horocycle Flows 23-apr-2018 Bassi, Jacopo
On a conjecture of Cheeger 1-gen-2017 De Philippis, G. +
On a Lyapunov functional relating shortening curves and viscous conservation laws 1-gen-2002 Bianchini, S.Bressan, A.
On a quadratic functional for scalar conservation laws 1-gen-2014 Bianchini S.Modena S.
On Bressan's conjecture on mixing properties of vector fields 1-gen-2006 Bianchini, Stefano
On conjugate times of LQ optimal control problems 1-gen-2015 Agrachev, AndreyRizzi, Luca +
On curvatures and focal points of dynamical Lagrange distributions and their reductions by first integrals 1-gen-2005 Agrachev, Andrey +
On Embeddings of Circulant Graphs 1-gen-2015 Grande, Ricardo +
On feedback classification of generic control-affine systems with one and two-dimensional inputs 1-gen-2007 Agrachev, Andrey +
On feedback strategies in control problems and differential games 26-ott-2006 Priuli, Fabio Simone
On finite-dimensional projections of distributions for solutions of randomly forced 2D Navier-Stokes equations 1-gen-2007 Agrachev, Andrey +
On Fractional Laplacians 1-gen-2014 Musina, Roberta +
On Holder continuity in time of the optimal transport map towards measures along a curve. 1-gen-2011 Gigli, Nicola
On Krylov Methods in Infinite-dimensional Hilbert Space 25-set-2019 Caruso, Noe Angelo
On local and global minimizers of some non-convex variational problems 25-set-2015 Cristoferi, Riccardo
On optimality of c-cyclically monotone transference plans 1-gen-2010 Bianchini, S.Caravenna, L.
On periodic elliptic equations with gradient dependence 1-gen-2008 Berti, M. +
On Positive Solutions of Two-Point Boundary Value Problems 30-nov-1988 -
On robust Lie-algebraic stability conditions for switched linear systems 1-gen-2012 Agrachev, Andrey +
Mostrati risultati da 425 a 444 di 749
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