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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Dynamics of opinion forming in structurally balanced social networks 1-gen-2012 Altafini, Claudio
Dynamics of opinion forming in structurally balanced social networks 1-gen-2012 Altafini, Claudio
Dynamics of oscillator chains 1-gen-2008 Ruffo, Stefano +
Dynamics of phase transitions in the early universe and cosmological consequences 12-set-2022 Vanvlasselaer, Miguel Etienne A
Dynamics of Screening in Modified Gravity 1-gen-2021 Bezares, MiguelCrisostomi, MarcoBarausse, Enrico +
Dynamics of simulated quantum annealing in random Ising chains 1-gen-2019 Mbeng, Glen BiganPrivitera, LorenzoArceci, LucaSantoro, Giuseppe E.
The dynamics of spiral galaxy formation 1-dic-1986 -
Dynamics of stellar black holes in young star clusters with different metallicities - I. Implications for X-ray binaries 1-gen-2013 Bressan, A. +
Dynamics of stochastic gradient descent for two-layer neural networks in the teacher-student setup 1-gen-2019 Goldt, SebastianKrzakala, Florent +
Dynamics of supercoiled DNA with complex knots: large-scale rearrangements and persistent multi-strand interlocking 1-gen-2018 Coronel, LuciaMicheletti, Cristian +
Dynamics of supernova remnants in the Galactic centre 1-gen-2016 Spera M. +
Dynamics of the attractive 1D Bose gas: analytical treatment from integrability 1-gen-2007 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Dynamics of the order parameter statistics in the long range Ising model 1-gen-2022 Ranabhat N.Collura M.
Dynamics of the quantum dimer model on the triangular lattice: Soft modes and local resonating valence-bond correlations 1-gen-2006 Becca, Federico +
DYNAMICS OF TIDALLY CAPTURED PLANETS IN THE GALACTIC CENTER 1-gen-2016 Mapelli, MichelaSpera, M.Bressan, Alessandro +
Dynamics on a graph as the limit of the dynamics on a “fat graph” 1-gen-2015 Dell'Antonio, GianfaustoMichelangeli, Alessandro
"E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle". La comunicazione della cultura astronomica in Italia : un caso di studio 1-feb-2012 -
The E3 Ubiquitin Ligase TRAF6 Interacts with the Cellular Prion Protein and Modulates Its Solubility and Recruitment to Cytoplasmic p62/SQSTM1-Positive Aggresome-Like Structures 1-gen-2022 Masperone, L.Codrich, M.Gustincich, S.Zucchelli, S.Legname, G. +
Early and delayed effects of kainate application on oscillatory networks of the rat spinal cord in vitro 1-gen-2008 Taccola, Giuliano +
Early cosmological evolution of primordial electromagnetic fields 1-gen-2019 Takeshi Kobayashi +
Mostrati risultati da 2.882 a 2.901 di 12.257
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