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The Role of Rac1 in the Growth Cone Dynamics and Force Generation of DRG Neurons 1-gen-2016 Sayyad, Wasim AminFabris, PaoloTorre, Vincent
Role of scaling limits in the rigorous analysis of Bose-Einstein condensation 1-gen-2007 Michelangeli, A.
Role of secondary motifs in fast folding polymers: A dynamical variational principle 1-gen-2000 Micheletti, Cristian +
The role of sensory history in perceptual processing 6-dic-2022 HACHEN, IACOPO
The role of spike timing in the coding of stimulus location in rat somatosensory cortex 1-gen-2001 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
The Role of Spin Physics in Hadronic Interactions at Short Distances 6-dic-1983 -
Role of strain in interacting silicon nanoclusters 1-gen-2013 Guerra, Roberto +
Role of strong correlation in the recent angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy experiments on cuprate superconductors 1-gen-2005 Sorella, S. +
The Role of Superior Temporal Cortex in Auditory Timing 1-gen-2008 Bueti, D. +
Role of surface peroxo and superoxo species in the low-temperature oxygen buffering of ceria: Density functional theory calculations 1-gen-2007 Fabris, Stefano +
The Role of Synchrotron and Self Compton Radiation in Active Galactic Nuclei 30-ott-1992 Celotti, Anna Lisa
The role of the accessory N- and C-terminal domains in modulating the helicase activity of human RecQ4 29-ott-2019 Bagnano, Ilenia
The role of the anterior cingulate cortex in social and emotional functions 1-gen-2006 Shallice, Timothy +
The role of the artificial conductivity in SPH simulations of galaxy clusters: effects on the ICM properties 1-gen-2015 Biffi, VeronicaValdarnini, Riccardo
The role of the Basal Ganglia in Action Imitation: Neuropsychological evidence from Parkinson’s disease Patients 1-gen-2013 Rumiati, Raffaella +
Role of the cellular form of the prion protein in central nervous system physiology 1-gen-2012 Legname, Giuseppe
The role of the cellular prion protein in the uptake and toxic signaling of pathological neurodegenerative aggregates 1-gen-2020 Scialò, C.Legname, G.
The Role of the Dust in Primeval Galaxies: A Simple Physical Model for Lyman Break Galaxies and Lyα Emitters 1-gen-2007 Mao, J.Lapi, A.Granato, G. L.De Zotti, G.Danese,L.
Role of the Fifth Copper Binding Site in Prion Conversion 1-gen-2015 Legname, Giuseppe +
Role of the medial prefrontal cortex in impaired decision making in juvenile attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 1-gen-2014 Mathys, Christoph Daniel +
Mostrati risultati da 9.787 a 9.806 di 12.375
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