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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Uniqueness and continuous dependence for a viscoelastic problem with memory in domains with time dependent cracks 1-gen-2021 Cianci F.Dal Maso G.
Uniqueness and continuous dependence on boundary data for integro-extremal minimizers of the functional of the gradient 1-gen-2007 Zagatti, Sandro
Uniqueness of weak solutions to systems of conservation laws 1-gen-1997 Bressan, Alberto +
A uniqueness result for the continuity equation in two dimensions 1-gen-2014 Bianchini, Stefano +
A uniqueness result for the decomposition of vector fields in Rd 1-gen-2020 Bianchini, S.Bonicatto, P.
The unitarity triangle analysis in the standard model. 1-gen-2008 Franco, E.Lubicz, V.Martinelli, G.Silvestrini, L.Tarantino, C. +
The unitarity triangle fit in the standard model and hadronic parameters from lattice QCD: a reappraisal after the measurements of Delta m(s) and BR(B ->tau nu(tau)) 1-gen-2006 Martinelli, G. +
The UniTrap resource: Tools for the biologist enabling optimized use of gene trap clones 1-gen-2008 Sanges, Remo +
Universal amplitude ratios in the two-dimensional Ising model 1-gen-1998 Delfino, Gesualdo
Universal amplitude ratios in the two-dimensional q-state Potts model and percolation from quantum field theory 1-gen-1998 Delfino, G. +
Universal amplitude ratios of the renormalization group: Two-dimensional tricritical Ising model 1-gen-2000 Mussardo, Giuseppe +
Universal amplitude ratios of two-dimensional percolation from field theory 1-gen-2010 Delfino, Gesualdo +
Universal amplitudes ratios for critical aging via functional renormalization group 1-gen-2022 Vodret, MicheleChiocchetta, AlessioGambassi, Andrea
Universal broadening of the light cone in low-temperature transport 1-gen-2018 Bertini, BrunoPiroli, LorenzoCalabrese, Pasquale
Universal corrections to scaling for block entanglement in spin-1/2 XX chains 1-gen-2010 Calabrese, Pasquale +
Universal covers and the GW/Kronecker correspondence 1-gen-2011 Stoppa, Jacopo
Universal dynamics of a soliton after an interaction quench 1-gen-2015 Franchini, FabioTrombettoni, Andrea +
Universal Edge Transport in Interacting Hall Systems 1-gen-2018 Porta, Marcello +
Universal energy distribution of quasiparticles emitted in a local time-dependent quench 1-gen-2012 Smacchia, PietroSilva, Alessandro
The universal galaxy rotation curve 1-gen-1991 Salucci, P. +
Mostrati risultati da 9.470 a 9.489 di 9.825
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