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Density and velocity fields in the Universe : an introduction 1-gen-1992 -
On deconstruction and roughening phase transitions in Au(110) and Pt(110) surfaces 1-lug-1992 Bernasconi, Marco
Some existence results of Dunford densities for Banach-valued finitely additive measures. 1-giu-1992 Celada, Pietro
Some results about homoclinic orbits for a class of conservative second order Hamiltonian systems 1-giu-1992 Caldiroli, Paolo
Metric and topological properties of non decomposable sets 1-ott-1991 Zagatti, Sandro
Interaction of massive neutrinos with matter 1-ott-1991 -
New phenomena in the quantum paraelectric state of SrTiO3 1-ott-1991 Martonak, Roman
Soliton theories and quantum integrability 1-ott-1991 -
On the classification of Coxeter simplices 1-ott-1991 -
Ground state of the U infinite Hubbard model in two dimensions 1-ott-1991 -
A study of V356 segittarii and other algols in the ultraviolet spectral range 1-ott-1991 -
Mapping DNA replication origin within human chromosomes 1-ott-1991 -
Existence results for some variational problems in segmentation theory 1-ott-1991 -
Cluster expansion technique for coexistence phenomena away from the critical point 1-ott-1991 -
Phonon softening and low-symmetry phases of CsI at very high pressure: Landau theory and first-principles calculations. 1-ott-1991 -
Semicontinuity and relaxation properties of a curvature depending functional in 2-D 1-ott-1991 Bellettini, Giovanni
Weak interactions of heavy quarks in the standard model 1-ott-1991 -
XAS study of the reconstitution process of Cu, Zn superoxide dismutase in the presence of Cu (I)- GSH complex 1-ott-1991 -
Applications of thermodynamical formalism to nearly-circular Julia sets 1-ott-1991 Abenda, Simonetta
The effect of repeated simulation of the optic nerve on evoked field potentials in the frog optic tectum. 1-gen-1993 -
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 61 a 80 di 338
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  • 8 Thesis338
  • Aldrovandi, Ettore1
  • Ballabio, Gerardo1
  • Bellettini, Giovanni1
  • Bernasconi, Marco1
  • Bressan, Alessandro1
  • Bruni, Marco1
  • Calandra Buonaura, Matteo1
  • Caldiroli, Paolo1
  • Capone, Massimo1
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  • 2020 - 20211
  • 2000 - 200912
  • 1990 - 1999157
  • 1982 - 1989168
  • SISSA337
  • SISSA and Ecole Normale Superieur...1
Settore disciplinare
  • Settore FIS/03 - Fisica della Mat...48
  • Settore FIS/05 - Astronomia e Ast...48
  • Settore FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, ...29
  • Settore MAT/05 - Analisi Matematica20
  • Settore MAT/07 - Fisica Matematica19
  • Settore FIS/04 - Fisica Nucleare ...9
  • Settore BIO/10 - Biochimica5
  • Settore MAT/03 - Geometria4
  • Settore BIO/11 - Biologia Molecolare3
  • Settore BIO/09 - Fisiologia2
  • Galaxies11
  • Stars9
  • Semiconductors6
  • Quantum field theory5
  • String theories5
  • Conformal quantum field theory4
  • Dark matter4
  • Gauge theories4
  • Hamiltonian systems4
  • Cosmology3
  • eng317
  • ita21
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