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Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 21 a 40 di 1.630
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Holography, localisation of information and subregions 15-dic-2023 BAHIRU, EYOAB DEJENE
Engineering toxins as neuropeptides: targeted pain modulation via recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors delivery to nociceptors 15-dic-2023 FERRARINI, DENISE
Soliton Gas for the Nonlinear Schrodinger equation 14-dic-2023 Orsatti, Giuseppe
Application of optimisation-based domain--decomposition reduced order models to parameter-dependent fluid dynamics and multiphysics problems 13-dic-2023 PRUSAK, IVAN
Exploring the Universe through the astrophysical gravitational-wave background 12-dic-2023 CAPURRI, GIULIA
Non-parametric learning in many-body physics. 11-dic-2023 PANDA, RAJAT KUMAR
Anomalous heat transport in harmonic long-range chains 11-dic-2023 ANDREUCCI, FRANCESCO
Chaos and thermalization in semi-classical and Floquet systems 11-dic-2023 -
Mapping out EFTs with analytic S-matrix 6-dic-2023 GUMUS, MEHMET ASIM
Delocalized Equivariant Elliptic Hochschild Homology 6-dic-2023 TOMASINI, PAOLO
Electronic correlations in topological materials 5-dic-2023 BLASON, ANDREA
Friction, tribology and rheology at the atomic scale: from metal nanocontacts to 2D materials and graphene 30-nov-2023 KHOSRAVI, ALI
Understanding the HR diagram of massive stars 1-ott-1993 -
Spectral analysis of stellar populations 1-ott-1989 -
Macroscopic gravity, the renormalization group and modeling of the riemannian geometry in cosmology 30-set-1994 -
Topics on Homological Projective Geometry 20-nov-2023 CATTANI, WARREN
Analyzing large-scale polarization data for next-generation CMB experiments 26-ott-2023 WOLZ, KEVIN
Intrinsic Dimension Estimation for non-Euclidean manifolds: from metagenomics to unweighted networks 26-ott-2023 MACOCCO, IURI
Molecular simulations to investigate the impact of post-transcriptional modifications on RNA structural dynamics 26-ott-2023 Piomponi, Valerio
On the role of topological constraints in melts of ring polymers: from structure to dynamics 26-ott-2023 UBERTINI, MATTIA ALBERTO
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 21 a 40 di 1.630
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  • 8 Thesis1630
  • Abdellaoui, Gharchia1
  • Acatrinei, Ciprian1
  • Acquaviva, Viviana1
  • Acuna, Jan Tristram1
  • Adorisio, Matteo1
  • Afgani, Rizal1
  • Agatic, Filip1
  • Agostinelli, Daniele1
  • Agostinelli, Emilio1
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  • 2020 - 2024286
  • 2010 - 2019563
  • 2000 - 2009374
  • 1990 - 1999304
  • 1982 - 1989103
  • SISSA1627
Settore disciplinare
  • Settore FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, ...231
  • Settore FIS/05 - Astronomia e Ast...197
  • Settore FIS/03 - Fisica della Mat...126
  • Settore MAT/05 - Analisi Matematica109
  • Settore BIO/09 - Fisiologia89
  • Settore MAT/07 - Fisica Matematica72
  • Settore MAT/03 - Geometria69
  • Settore BIO/11 - Biologia Molecolare42
  • Settore M-PSI/02 - Psicobiologia ...40
  • Settore FIS/07 - Fisica Applicata...33
  • Supersymmetry17
  • Cosmology16
  • Active Galactic Nuclei15
  • String theory13
  • Dark matter10
  • dark matter10
  • Hippocampus10
  • Cosmic Microwave Background8
  • Parkinson's disease8
  • Supergravity8
  • eng1521
  • Inglese109
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