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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
De novo generation of mammalian prions 1-gen-2004 Legname, Giuseppe +
De novo generation of mammalian prions 1-gen-2005 Legname, Giuseppe +
De novo generation of mammalian prions. 1-gen-2005 Legname, Giuseppe +
Deciphering Copper Coordination in the Mammalian Prion Protein Amyloidogenic Domain 1-gen-2020 Salzano, G.Tran, T. H.Legname, G. +
Deciphering the spike train of a sensory neuron: Counts and temporal patterns in the rat whisker pathway 1-gen-2006 Diamond, Mathew Ernest +
Decoding neuronal population activity in rat somatosensory cortex: Role of columnar organization 1-gen-2003 Panzeri, StefanoPetersen, Rasmus S.Diamond, Mathew E. +
Decoding population neuronal responses by topological clustering 1-gen-2008 Panzeri, StefanoDiamond, Mathew +
Deconstructing locomotor networks with experimental injury to define their membership 1-gen-2010 Nistri, AndreaTaccola, GiulianoMladinic, Miranda +
Decreased number and increased activation state of astrocytes in gray and white matter of the prefrontal cortex in autism 1-gen-2022 Falcone, Carmen +
Defined α-synuclein prion-like molecular assemblies spreading in cell culture 1-gen-2014 Aulic, SuzanaGustincich, StefanoLegname, Giuseppe +
Delayed application of the anesthetic propofol contrasts the neurotoxic effects of kainate on rat organotypic spinal slice cultures 1-gen-2016 Nistri, Andrea +
Delayed neuroprotection by riluzole against excitotoxic damage evoked by kainate on rat organotypic spinal cord cultures 1-gen-2011 Nistri, Andrea +
Delayed upregulation of ATP P2X3 receptors of trigeminal sensory neurons by Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide 1-gen-2006 Fabbretti, ElsaD'Arco, MariannaFabbro, AlessandraSimonetti, ManuelaNistri, Andrea +
Delivery of graphene oxide nanosheets modulates glutamate release and normalizes amygdala synaptic plasticity to improve anxiety-related behavior 1-gen-2023 Elisa PatiAudrey Franceschi BiagioniRaffaele CasaniGiada CellotLaura Ballerini +
Democratic population decisions result in robust policy-gradient learning: A parametric study with GPU simulations 1-gen-2011 Giugliano, M. +
Demonstration of discrete place‐defined columns—segregates—in the cat SI 1-gen-1990 Diamond, Mathew E. +
Depicting conformational ensembles of α-synuclein by single molecule force spectroscopy and native mass spectroscopy 1-gen-2019 Legname G. +
Depression of windup of spinal neurons in the neonatal rat spinal cord in vitro by an NK3 tachykinin receptor antagonist 1-gen-2001 Nistri, Andrea +
Description and Characterization of a Highly Stable Enthalpic Intermediate State in Mouse Prion Protein Folding 1-gen-2011 Laio, AlessandroLegname, Giuseppe +
Desensitization of AMPA receptors limits the amplitude of EPSPs and the excitabitily of motoneurons of the rat isolated spinal cord 1-gen-1995 Ballerini, L.Nistri, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 268 a 287 di 1.432
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