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TRAF6 promotes atypical ubiquitination of mutant DJ-1 and alpha-synuclein and is localized to Lewy bodies in sporadic Parkinson's disease brains 1-gen-2010 Vilotti, SandraGustincich, Stefano +
Trans-synaptic signaling at GABAergic connections: possible dysfunction in some forms of Autism Spectrum Disorders 14-dic-2012 Pizzarelli, Rocco
Transcriptional dynamics characterising the Zygotic Genome Activation and the Transposable Element expression in Metazoan early embryo 15-dic-2020 Ansaloni, Federico
Transcriptional supercoiling boosts topoisomerase II-mediated knotting of intracellular DNA 1-gen-2019 Coronel, L.Micheletti, C. +
Transformation of perception from sensory to motor cortex 1-gen-2017 Fassihi Zakeri, ArashSchönfelder, Vinzenz HenrikDiamond, Mathew Ernest +
Transformation-tolerant object recognition in rats revealed by visual priming 1-gen-2012 Di Filippo, AlessandroZoccolan, Davide Franco +
Transient analysis of swelling-induced large deformations in polymer gels 1-gen-2013 Lucantonio, Alessandro +
Transient Dynamics of d-Wave Superconductors after a Sudden Excitation 1-gen-2015 Peronaci, FrancescoSchirò, MarcoCapone, Massimo
Transient dynamics of unconventional superconductors: d-wave symmetry and strong correlations 14-ott-2016 Peronaci, Francesco
Transient expression of a novel type of GABA response in rat CA3 hippocampal neurones during development 1-gen-1994 Cherubini, Enrico +
Transient morphing and optimal shape design of synthetic and natural active structures 29-set-2022 Andrini, Dario
Transient oxidative stress evokes early changes in the functional properties of neonatal rat hypoglossal motoneurons in vitro 29-ott-2010 Nani, Francesca
Transient rapamycin treatment during developmental stage extends lifespan in Mus musculus and Drosophila melanogaster 1-gen-2022 Quattrone A.Soldano A. +
Transient shape morphing of active gel plates: geometry and physics 1-gen-2022 Damioli, ValentinaZorzin, ErikDeSimone, AntonioNoselli, GiovanniLucantonio, Alessandro
Transient tertiary structures in tau, an intrinsically disordered protein 1-gen-2013 BATTISTI, Anna +
Translocation of NS3 from Hepatitis C Virus on RNA: Insights from Atomistic Molecular Simulations 12-ott-2015 Perez Villa, Andrea
Transmission conditions obtained by homogenisation 1-gen-2018 Dal Maso, GianniFranzina, GiovanniZucco, Davide
Transmission of information in nonlocal field theories 1-gen-2017 Alessio BelenchiaDionigi M. T. BenincasaStefano LiberatiMartin Martinez, Eduardo
Transparent carbon nanotubes promote the outgrowth of enthorino-dentate projections in lesioned organ slice cultures 1-gen-2020 Pampaloni, Niccolò PCalaresu, IvoBallerini, LauraScaini, Denis +
Transplanted human adipose tissue-derived stem cells engraft and induce regeneration in mice olfactory neuroepithelium in response to dichlobenil subministration 1-gen-2014 Pifferi, SimoneMenini, Anna +
Mostrati risultati da 5.571 a 5.590 di 5.884
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