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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
$p$-Adic Integral Geometry 1-gen-2021 Kulkarni, AvinashLerario, Antonio
p-forms on the celestial sphere 1-gen-2023 Laura DonnayCarlo Heissenberg +
p300/CBP Trascriptional co-activators: A Common Cellular Target of HPV E6 and E7 Oncoproteins 15-mar-2004 -
A pacemaker current in dye-coupled hilar interneurons contributes to the generation of giant GABAergic potentials in developing hippocampus 1-gen-1997 Cherubini, Enrico +
Painleve II, anharmonic oscillators & degenerate orthogonal polynomials 19-set-2022 +
Painlevé II asymptotics near the leading edge of the oscillatory zone for the Korteweg - de Vries equation in the small-dispersion limit 1-gen-2010 Grava, Tamara +
Painlevé IV critical asymptotics for orthogonal polynomials in the complex plane 1-gen-2018 Bertola, MarcoElias Rebelo, José GustavoGrava, Tamara
Painlevé IV equation, Fredholm Determinant and Double-Scaling Limits 28-apr-2017 Elias Rebelo, José Gustavo
Painlevé tau-functions and Fredholm determinants 8-mar-2021 Desiraju, Harini
Painlevé transcendents and topological field theory 1-gen-1999 Dubrovin, Boris
Painlevé–Gullstrand coordinates versus Kerr spacetime geometry 1-gen-2022 Liberati, S. +
Pair dominated Active Galactic Nuclei and the origin of the X-ray background 1-gen-1995 Celotti A +
Pair formalism for the fractional quantum Hall effect and the theory of edge waves at filling one 1-ott-1992 Marsili, Matteo
Pair production of open strings - relativistic versus dissipative dynamics 1-gen-1999 Iengo, Roberto +
Pairing and polarization in electron-boson systems with retarded interactions via dynamical mean-field theory 1-gen-2006 Capone, Massimo +
Pairing and superconductivity from weak to strong coupling in the attractive Hubbard model 1-gen-2005 Capone, Massimo +
Palatini formalism and new canonical variables for GL(4)-invariant gravity 1-gen-1990 Percacci, Roberto +
The panchromatic hubble andromeda treasury. I. bright uv stars in the bulge of m31 1-gen-2012 Bressan, A. +
A Panchromatic Spectral Population Synthesis Model for Young Star-Burst Galaxies 30-ott-2017 Obi, Ikechukwu Anthony
A panchromatic view of infrared quasars: excess star formation and radio emission in the most heavily obscured systems 1-gen-2022 Andrea Lapi +
Mostrati risultati da 8.958 a 8.977 di 13.511
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