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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Integrated colors and ages of lmc clusters - the nature of the bimodal distribution of the (b-v) colors 1-gen-1988 Bressan, A. +
An integrated experimental and quantum-chemical investigation on the vibrational spectra of chlorofluoromethane 1-gen-2013 Carnimeo I. +
Integration of activation maps of epicardial veins in computational cardiac electrophysiology 1-gen-2020 Africa, Pasquale ClaudioQuarteroni, Alfio +
Integration of confocal and atomic force microscopy images 1-gen-2009 Kondra, Shripad ArunBan, JelenaTorre, Vincent +
Integration of grid maps in merged environments 1-gen-2018 Treves, Alessandro +
Integration of multiple-whisker inputs in rat somatosensory cortex 1-gen-2001 Mirabella, GiovanniDiamond, Mathew E. +
The integration of straight contours (snakes and ladders): The role of spatial arrangement, spatial frequency and spatial phase 1-gen-2012 BELLACOSA MAROTTI, Rosilari +
An integro-extremization approach for non coercive and evolution Hamilton-Jacobi equations 1-gen-2011 Zagatti, Sandro
Intensity and anisotropies of the stochastic gravitational wave background from merging compact binaries in galaxies 1-gen-2021 Capurri, GiuliaLapi, AndreaBaccigalupi, CarloBoco, LumenScelfo, GiulioRonconi, Tommaso
Intensity-coupled Polarization in Instruments with a Continuously Rotating Half-wave Plate 1-gen-2019 Baccigalupi, C.Jaffe, A.Lee, A.Limon, M.Pascale, E. +
Interacting hard-core bosons and surface physics 1-gen-1997 Santoro, Giuseppe ErnestoLaio, AlessandroFabrizio, Michele +
Interacting hard-core bosons and surface preroughening 1-gen-1998 Laio, AlessandroSantoro, Giuseppe ErnestoTosatti, Erio
Interaction between disinhibited bursting and fictive locomotor patterns in the rat isolated spinal cord 1-gen-1999 Nistri, Andrea +
Interaction between the DNA model base 9-ethylguanine and a group of ruthenium polypyridyl complexes: Kinetics and conformational temperature dependence 1-gen-2007 MAGISTRATO, ALESSANDRA +
Interaction estimates and Glimm functional for general hyperbolic systems 1-gen-2003 Bianchini, Stefano
Interaction of a CO molecule with a Pt monatomic wire: Electronic structure and ballistic conductance 1-gen-2008 Dal Corso, AndreaTosatti, Erio +
Interaction of charge carriers with lattice and molecular phonons in crystalline pentacene 1-gen-2011 GRISANTI, Luca +
Interaction of CO with an Au monatomic chain at different strains: Electronic structure and ballistic transport 1-gen-2012 DAL CORSO A +
Interaction of DNA Bases with Gold Substrates 1-gen-2013 Rosa, Marta +
Mostrati risultati da 4.220 a 4.239 di 9.493
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