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Analysis of OpenFOAM performance obtained using modern C++ parallelization techniques 20-dic-2022 -
GPU accelerated contact simulations 20-dic-2022 -
Improve investigating gravitational-wave sources with the help of MPI and OpenMP interface 20-dic-2022 Nazarova, Natalia
Porting of DSMC to multi-GPUs using OpenACC 20-dic-2022 Celoria, Marco
Exploring innovative approaches in industrial and academic HPC applications 20-dic-2022 -
Development of a computational toolbox to analyse first-passage times and diffusion coefficients in heterogeneous soft-matter system 20-dic-2022 BANERJEE, DEBARSHI
Solving non-linear chemical equations for gas cooling with GPU offloading using OpenACC 15-mar-2022 -
Extension of the -BEM library for use in a seakeeping pipeline 17-dic-2021 Fabris, Lorenzo
Detection of recurring behavior in banking data 25-feb-2021 -
Enhancing modularity of simulation software through modern C++ features on the example of GADGET 25-feb-2021 -
Calibration of the GEOtop model using evolutionary algorithms on supercomputers 25-feb-2021 -
Parallel implementations for complex graph analysis with application in modern passenger ship safety management 18-dic-2020 Teruzzi, Martina
Porting of the LBE3D to GPU with OpenACC 18-dic-2020 -
Representation Learning and Hierarchical Clustering for microscopy images 18-dic-2020 -
HPC implementations in the SHYFEM hydrodynamic model using the PETSc library and application to modern architectures 18-dic-2020 -
AP-IO: an asynchronous I/O pipeline for CFD code ASHEE 18-dic-2020 -
Multi-label classification of computed tomography scan reports 20-dic-2019 Zampieri, Matteo
Cosmic ray propagation with high dimensional finite element method 20-dic-2019 Wang, Jiaxin
Clustering strategy for selection of relevant genes in single cell transcriptomics 14-feb-2020 -
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 65
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  • 8 Thesis65
  • Aguilar Mena, Jimmy1
  • Alzetta, Giovanni1
  • Ando', Alessia1
  • Aversa, Rossella1
  • Bardelloni, Mauro1
  • Barone, Federico1
  • Carmona Loaiza, Juan Manuel1
  • Celoria, Marco1
  • Ciuffreda, Luca1
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