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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A vanishing viscosity approach to quasistatic evolution in plasticity with softening 1-gen-2008 Dal Maso, GianniDe Simone, Antonio +
Vanishing viscosity solutions of hyperbolic systems of conservation laws with boundary 1-gen-2006 Bianchini, Stefano +
Vanishing viscosity solutions of nonlinear hyperbolic systems 1-gen-2005 Bianchini, Stefano +
Variational and Nonvariational Relaxed Dirichlet Problems 21-giu-1995 -
A variational approach to the Navier-Stokes equations 1-gen-2012 Gigli, Nicola +
Variational aspects of Liouville equations and systems 25-set-2015 Jevnikar, Aleks
Variational construction of homoclinics and chaos in presence of a saddle-saddle equilibrium 1-gen-1998 Berti, M. +
Variational formulation of softening phenomena in fracture mechanics: the one-dimensional case 1-gen-1999 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Variational Problems with Obstructions 30-nov-1988 Musina, Roberta
A variational time discretization for compressible Euler equations 1-gen-2019 Cavalletti, Fabio +
Vector fields on n-foliated 2n-dimensional manifolds 1-gen-2006 Agrachev, A. +
The Vector Measures whose Range is strictly convex 1-gen-1999 Bianchini, S. +
A version of Olech's lemma in a problem of the calculus of variations 1-gen-1994 Zagatti, S. +
Viscosity solutions for hyperbolic systems where shock curves are straight lines 1-gen-2001 Bianchini, S. +
Viscous approximation of quasistatic evolutions for a coupled elastoplastic-damage model 1-gen-2016 Crismale, Vito +
Volume geodesic distortion and Ricci curvature for Hamiltonian dynamics 1-gen-2019 Agrachev A.Barilari D.Paoli E.
Volume variation and heat kernel for affine control problems 30-nov-2015 Paoli, Elisa
W^{2,1}- regularity for solutions of the Monge-Ampere equation 1-gen-2013 De Philippis, Guido +
The wave equation on domains with cracks growing on a prescribed path: existence, uniqueness, and continuous dependence on the data 1-gen-2017 Dal Maso, Gianni +
Weak formulation of elastodynamics in domains with growing cracks 1-gen-2020 Tasso E.
Mostrati risultati da 567 a 586 di 595
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