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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Brain network dynamics during spontaneous strategy shifts and incremental task optimization 1-gen-2020 Allegra M.Amati D.Laio A. +
Brain network reconfiguration for narrative and argumentative thought 1-gen-2021 Xu, YangwenVignali, LorenzoCrepaldi, Davide +
Brain regions associated with the acquisition and retrieval of verbal episodic memory 1-gen-1994 Shallice, Timothy +
Brain systems for encoding and retrieval of auditory - Verbal memory. An in vivo study in humans 1-gen-1995 Shallice, Timothy +
Brain tissue damage in dementia with Lewy bodies: an in vivo diffusion tensor MRI study 1-gen-2005 Shallice, Timothy +
Brainstem Correlates of a Cold Pressor Test Measured by Ultra-High Field fMRI 1-gen-2020 Bueti, D. +
Branch point twist field form factors in the sine-Gordon model II: Composite twist fields and symmetry resolved entanglement 1-gen-2022 David HorvathPasquale Calabrese +
Branching Geodesics in Sub-Riemannian Geometry 1-gen-2020 Rizzi, L. +
Branching of Cantor manifolds of elliptic tori and applications to PDEs 1-gen-2011 Berti, M. +
Brane world effective actions for D-branes with fluxes 1-gen-2006 Bertolini, M. +
Brane-bulk neutrino oscillations 1-gen-2001 Romanino, Andrea +
Breaking of ergodicity and long relaxation times in systems with long-range interactions 1-gen-2005 Ruffo, Stefano +
Brezin-Gross-Witten tau function and isomonodromic deformations 1-gen-2019 Bertola, M.Ruzza, G.
Bridging Carrollian and celestial holography 1-gen-2023 Laura DonnayRomain Ruzziconi +
A Bridging Mechanism in the Homogenization of Brittle Composites with Soft Inclusions 1-gen-2016 +
Bridging pro-inflammatory signals, synaptic transmission and protection in spinal explants in vitro 1-gen-2018 Medelin, M.Giacco, VincenzoBallerini, L. +
BRIE2: computational identification of splicing phenotypes from single-cell transcriptomic experiments 1-gen-2021 Guido Sanguinetti +
BRIE: transcriptome-wide splicing quantification in single cells 1-gen-2017 Sanguinetti G +
A Brief Outline of the Dark Energy Cosmology 1-gen-2003 Baccigalupi, Carlo
Brief wide-field photostimuli evoke and modulate oscillatory reverberating activity in cortical networks 1-gen-2016 Giugliano, M. +
Mostrati risultati da 807 a 826 di 9.725
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