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Multidimensional Functional Profiling of Human Neuropathogenic FOXG1 Alleles in Primary Cultures of Murine Pallial Precursors 31-gen-2023 Frisari, Simone
Distinct tau fibril types and their role in prion diseases 26-gen-2023 CELAURO, LUIGI
A study of rat perceptual sensitivity to multipoint correlations and their representation in the visual cortex 23-gen-2023 Caramellino, Riccardo
Charge and heat transport in ionic conductors 5-gen-2023 PEGOLO, PAOLO
Analysis of genetic determinants of gene expression variation in grapevine (Vitis Vinifera) 28-dic-2022 Gabelli, Giovanni
The impact of stellar envelopes on the formation of merging compact-object binaries 22-dic-2022 Nazarova, Natalia
Theory, codes, and numerical simulation of heat transport in multicomponent systems 22-dic-2022 BERTOSSA, RICCARDO
Isomonodromic Deformations Along The Caustic Of A Dubrovin-Frobenius Manifold 21-dic-2022 LOPEZ REYES, LUIS FELIPE
Stellar Evolution with Rotation in PARSEC v2.0: Tracks and Isochrones for Low- and Intermediate-mass Stars 22-dic-2022 NGUYEN, CHI THANH
Particles acceleration with Magnetic Reconnection in large scale MHD simulations 19-dic-2022 NURISSO, MATTEO
Generation and validation of a preclinical model of hypermutated lung cancer to study ICB resistance and DC Therapy 6-dic-2022 Lopez Rodriguez, Lucia Ines
HDG methods and data-driven techniques for the van Roosbroeck model and its applications 20-dic-2022 Piani, Stefano
Epsilon-regularity for the mean curvature flow with boundary and transport term: a viscosity approach 20-dic-2022 Gasparetto, Carlo
Doubly Intermittent Maps with Critical Points and Singularities 30-nov-2022 MUHAMMAD, MUBARAK
Innovative approaches for the diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and multiple system atrophy based on the analysis of the olfactory mucosa 16-dic-2022 DE LUCA, CHIARA MARIA GIULIA
An unsupervised tour through the hidden pathways of deep neural networks 15-dic-2022 Doimo, Diego
Pointed Hopf Algebra (Co)actions on Rational Functions 12-dic-2022 ONI, BLESSING BISOLA
Exosomes: unconventional players in spinal cord neuroinflammation 14-dic-2022 Memo, Christian
Exact results for two-dimensional criticality. From local symmetries to correlated percolation 12-dic-2022 Diouane, Youness
Geometric approach to bounded critical phenomena 12-dic-2022 GALVANI, ALESSANDRO
Prodotti della tipologia (ordinati per Data di deposito in Decrescente ordine): 1 a 20 di 1.542
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  • 8 Thesis1542
  • Abdellaoui, Gharchia1
  • Abdikamalov, Ernazar B.1
  • Acatrinei, Ciprian1
  • Acerbi, Carlo1
  • Acquaviva, Viviana1
  • Acuna, Jan Tristram1
  • Adorisio, Matteo1
  • Afgani, Rizal1
  • Agatic, Filip1
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  • 2020 - 2023207
  • 2010 - 2019558
  • 2000 - 2009374
  • 1990 - 1999303
  • 1982 - 1989100
  • SISSA1539
Settore disciplinare
  • Settore FIS/02 - Fisica Teorica, ...205
  • Settore FIS/05 - Astronomia e Ast...184
  • Settore FIS/03 - Fisica della Mat...116
  • Settore MAT/05 - Analisi Matematica102
  • Settore BIO/09 - Fisiologia82
  • Settore MAT/07 - Fisica Matematica67
  • Settore MAT/03 - Geometria63
  • Settore BIO/11 - Biologia Molecolare37
  • Settore M-PSI/02 - Psicobiologia ...35
  • Settore FIS/07 - Fisica Applicata...32
  • Supersymmetry17
  • Active Galactic Nuclei15
  • Cosmology15
  • String theory13
  • Dark matter10
  • Hippocampus10
  • dark matter9
  • Cosmic Microwave Background8
  • Parkinson's disease8
  • Density Functional Theory7
  • eng1433
  • Inglese109
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